A Whole Lot Of Bling Going On! Vortex Doors Trucks Look Sharp!

Some like them plain and some like them to Bling! Here we captured a truck in final stages being built for Vortex Doors by Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea, CA. They have been buying trucks just like this for a lot of years and their trucks stand out of the crowd, for sure.

First off, they are low pro bodies, so the top of the service body lids is at about the bottom of the rear window, in this case it is 34" high. This is a hard working truck that has a rear (most seem to be in the front) compartment for short welder bottles and the compartment is vented and set up for this task (See it in action on the Vortex website at www.vortexdoors.com). The rack has RackStraps on both sides. Then, a stainless steel vise bracket to the back of the right compartment.

Now we come to the bling! Polished aluminum treadplate is attached to the standard stainless steel lids, and the cargo compartment and backwrappers are covered in the same shiny treadplate. Add to this an unusual, but gorgeous chrome rear bumper and you have one sweet looking truck. Of course, we cannot forget the silver metallic base coat, clear coat paint job! It's a knockout! I'm sure their strategy was more protection from scratched paint and rust, but the bling has other obvious benefits! See more beautiful hard working Harbor bodies at our website at www.htbi.net, or give us a call at 800-433-9452.

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