Custom Welder's Bodies by Harbor Truck Bodies

Custom built Welder's Bodies can fill each customers unique needs. It seems that there's no such thing as a standard Welder Body because every welder want something different. Here's a 9' Low Pro 34" Open Top Service Body with Stainless Steel lids and with slightly raised front compartments to the standard height of 40" closed compartment style.

This also has a small sized transverse compartment with two compartments for tall gas bottles in storage, while in the main front compartment are bottle brackets and rings for short gas bottles. This also has the rear compartment cut off and an 18" work platform with V-groove on the back plus the standard 8" step bumper.

This is all mounted on a new Dodge 3500 regular cab chassis and makes for a very clean looking rig.

Let Harbor create a unique body for you! Call 800-433-9452. www.htbi.net


Harbor Van Interiors

Harbor Truck Bodies is also Harbor Van Interiors. We have numerous standard plans for Ford Transit and Transit Connect, Ram ProMaster, GMC Savana, and Chevy Express cargo van. We didn't get into this market until we were sure we had an excellent product. You can count on Harbor that way. We have chassis pool units available or we can upfit your existing dealer lot stock.


Under The Hood Of Country Music | The Pedal Steel Guitar

Two necks. Twenty strings. And a sound that changed country music forever. Meet the pedal steel guitar.


ISUZU Features Video - 7.5t Walk Around

Interesting video tour of Isuzu's 7.5 tonner by Tim Hicks. Contact us for more info on any of the Isuzu Truck range.


The Real Cost of Repairing an Aluminum Ford F-150 | Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports finds that the price to fix the aluminum body of the new pickup is similar to what it costs to repair the steel-bodied version. The important thing to remember is to take it to a shop certified by Ford in aluminum repair.


The Evolution of the Harbor Landscaper Pro Body -

Our original Harbor Master Landscaper Body has evolved. Our customers are always looking for better ways and we are adapting our bodies to meet those needs. We now have three Harbor Landscaper Bodies in our lineup. First, we have the original Master Landscaper that comes with MDO Plywood Gates with dual side exterior laminate, Rear latch swing away rear steel frame gates that lock to side for dumping. 

To that great body, we have added the Harbor Pro Landscaper which adds a back of cab 24" storage box that is about cab high. The curbside of the box has three shelves and a pull-out deep steel drawer on Teflon® bushings. This compartment goes almost all the way to the other side so it will carry long tools, gardening equipment, etc. and keep it safe and out of sight. 

The other side has a 22" deep compartment for smaller items and/or parts. It is available with one or more underbed boxes to match for additional space. Since this 24" box is in place, a typical 84" CA truck that would take a 12' Landscaper, now would have a 10' Landscape Dump and the 24" storage box. Many customers still prefer the 12' and this just requires the cab chassis to have a 108" CA. The Pro Landscaper has the same MDO Plywood sides and rear gate as the Master Landscaper.


Ram Commercial - Monday

"You know why Mondays get a bad rap? 'Cause they can take it. Mondays don't need a nickname, Saturday's spotlight, or Friday's popularity. Mondays just keep taking the lead each and every week. Quietly and steadily. And that's Ram for you. Squared up. Engines revving. Here's to Mondays."


Re-inventing The Factory | 2015 Ford F-150 Truck | Built Tough Test

The factory that mass-produces the 2015 F-150 is as innovative as the truck itself. See how new processes pay off in a truck that's built like no other. See more at www.ford.com/trucks/f150


Mark Boice, BusinessLink | Real People, Real Businesses

In this installment of our "Real People, Real Businesses" series, we interview Mark Boice of BusinessLink and Chrysler Commercial Vehicles. Mark tells us about free services like 24-hour towing, free loaner vehicles, and next-bay service that small business owners get by enrolling in our free BusinessLink program. BusinessLink dealers are focused on adding to your bottom line by keeping your vehicles on the road.

For more, visit http://www.chryslercommerci..


2015.5 GMC 2500HD Double Cab with 8' Harbor Service Body

Jordan Lewis of Dow Lewis Motors  gives us a quick tour of a 2015.5 GMC Double Cab with 8' Harbor Service Body with HD Forklift loadable rack and Class 4 Receiver. This latest model of the GMC truck has some new upgraded features that Jordan highlights.

See more at http://www.DowLewisTrucks.com


Space for a Lot of Advertising on the Harbor WorkMaster Body

Advertise your business on the side of the WorkMaster body. Good for plumbers, good for electricians, good for all kinds of contractors, good for any business!

Notice below, that whether its on the larger WorkMaster or the smaller WorkMaster, you get a very large proportional space to promote your business

So go ahead advertise; make it big and bold! 

Visit our website at www.htbi.net and call Harbor at 800-433-9452.


Rugby Eliminator LP Aluminum

Tough, efficient Rugby aluminum Eliminator LP bodies weigh up to 50% less than traditional carbon steel and provide an exceptional strength to weight ratio! This means increased payload, improved fuel efficiency, and corrosion resistance, in addition to lower maintenance costs and lower tire and brake costs.

The aluminum Eliminator LP body also features lightweight fold-down sides for easy access. Enjoy long lasting, durable aluminum bodies from Rugby and customize with a wide range of performance and appearance enhancing accessories.

Aluminum LP - All Models
  •     Cabshields (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full) Standard and Tall
  •     Understructure Option: Interlaced
  •     Constructed of 3/16" 5052 Aluminum
  •     Pockets for 6" boards increase load capacity
  •     Long members constructed of 8" formed 1/4" 5052 aluminum


Right Van For The Job | Appliances

RAM commercial teamed up with the local charitable organization