Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maxon Galvanized Liftgates Equals Maximum Protection For Minumum Investment

Step up to a galvanized gate for a fraction of the cost. Maxon now offers its premium line of liftgates with the optional galvanized finish.

If you operate in tough winter conditions, you need maximum protection from the elements. Now, Maxon provides the industrial-strength option of fully galvanized gates for the longest life.

The hot-dip galvanized finish is available on many of their most popular liftgates, including the Maxon BMR-A, BMRSD, GPT and GPTLR liftgates.

Maxon has a broad range of liftgates for almost any lifting need.

Call Maxon at 800-224-4116 and visit their website at

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rugby Dump Body With Drop Down Sides and Dump Style Lift Gate



Here's a Rugby 2-3 yard dump with fold-down sides and a Tommy Lift-N-Dump dumping liftgate. These shots really show off the usefulness of the liftgate that doubles as a dumping tailgate when needed. This unit also has a tarp mounted in the cab guard and a hitch.

Let Harbor Truck Bodies build one for you! You can reach them at 800-433-9452 and visit our website at

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Harbor Flatbed With Toolboxes - Simple and Fuctional

This sharp looking GMC 3500 has a Harbor flatbed. The headboard has laser cut openings for great visibility with a galvanized solid steel lower section for maximum corrosion protection. The body has a treated wood floor and underbed boxes. Looks great in the daylight and the LED Lights will light this body up at night. This high quality flatbed that will last for years under all kinds of loads and uses

See more creations by Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea CA at, or call them at 800-433-9452.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Harbor Service / Utility Body, 56 “ Tall Extended Super Cab

Here’s a Harbor Service / Utility body, 56 “tall and mounted on a extended cab super cab chassis. This combination is not designed to carry heavy loads, but the body has considerable space for lighter weight items. The shelving is movable, making it easy to configure to customer requirements.

This unit has a somewhat taller 19" tailgate, and a 3-piece Cargo Bed Enclosure, and a Stainless Steel Vise Bracket. It also has the Master Lock System. Notice also that the horizontal compartment over the rear wheel is not vertical. All in all, this makes a sweet package.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pullout The Shelves With DuraRac By Masterack

GM Express/Savana

Ford E-Series

DuraRac® Shelving System - The DuraRac® Interior Shelving System lets you slide the entire storage system outside your vehicle for easy access. Your van's interior storage has never been used to efficiently! No crawling into the van on an unseen object or tool, pullout shelves bring everything within easy reach! Standard configuration includes three shelves that can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Commercial grade-drawer slides that extend fully. Heavy duty modular system.
  • Easily add shelves, drawers, and dividers.
  • Trade packages available for caterers, florists, parcel delivery, painters, and general contractors, call for details.
Give Harbor Truck Bodies a call at 800-433-9452 for more information.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Harbor ComboMaster With Pedestal Mounted Venturo Crane

Here’s a great workhorse. It’s a Harbor 12' ComboMaster with a pedestal mounted Venturo Crane mounted on a Ford SuperDuty 450/550 Dually. The body is a 12' ComboMaster Service Body with the 36" low rear work platform. 
The ComboMaster Body (AKA Combo Body, USC Combo) from Harbor Truck Body is a Utility/Service Combination. It is a Service Body where the last 2' compartment has been deleted and a 3' floor level work platform has been added with a wide lockable compartment accessed on either side. Many customers find this body extremely useful--especially in the field where the work platform is at the right height and provides workspace to get things done.
In this body, the platform is built to support the pedestal supported crane. Stabilizers for crane operation are mounted on the sides of the Heavy Duty Bumper
Nice looking low wood fold-down gates sets off the white body.

Visit our website at and call Harbor at 800-433-9452.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Harbor CraneMaster and Venturo ET18KX Lifts The Heavy Loads

This Harbor 11' CraneMaster body is mounted on a Dodge Ram Heavy Duty 4500/5500 Dually. The crane is a Venturo ET18KX. A CraneMaster body begins as a standardized Harbor TradeMaster Service Body. The right rear compartment includes special reinforcing for the mounting of the 18,000 ft. lbs. crane with 4,500 lb. lifting capacity. 

The crane has electric functions for the winch, elevation, rotation and extension. We typically add a leaf to the spring on the crane side to help keep the body level after the installation of a crane.  Notice the crane rest for cradling the boom. We can also install outriggers for stability, particularly on larger cranes mounted on higher bodies. 

This unit also has an optional 18" bumper extension with tool box compartments.
Visit our website at and call Harbor at 800-433-9452.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Harbor Trademaster Service Body with Lots of Features and a Ladder Rack on the Side

Sometimes simple is best and that’s what this customer wanted for their ladder rack, it’s a  Side Ladder Rack mounted on the harbor Trademaster  Service/Utility Body.

This is a Chevrolet SRW with a Harbor Trademaster with standard Stainless Steel Lids, 3-piece Cargo Bed Enclosure, and Master Lock System. Quality is the mantra at Harbor Truck Bodies--Quality Design and Quality Manufacture. Below is a list of standard features in all our TradeMaster bodies:

1) Standard Harbor Lock allows you to see if your doors are locked from a distance of over 50' and you lock them by pushing in the button without a key!

2) Secure 3-Point Locking System with Teflon® rod guides and Automotive Quality water resistant locks with Double-Bit key is standard.

3) Standard One-Hand Latch, Self-Opening Stainless Steel Lids with Two Gas Shocks. Lighter and stronger and rust free! (Aluminum Treadbrite overlay is available as an option). Matching Stainless Steel Gravel Guards are standard. (Closed top models are standard steel and offer Aluminum Treadbrite as an option).

4) Standard Gas Shock Door Stays on all vertical and horizontal upward opening doors.

5) Standard 8" Recessed Step Bumper with True V-Notch for sure footing and wider trailer angles.

6) Standard Armless, Self-Supporting Tailgate for added work space and full 49" floor width to carry all standard materials.

7) Weather Shield protection includes a one-piece neoprene door seal, beveled door edge and self-sealing Stainless Steel rivets help prevent leaks into compartments.

8) Lock-Tight Shelving adjustable shelves lock into place preventing tools from dumping through off-road-like conditions.

9) All Electro-Galvanized Sheet Metal Construction. Stainless Steel piano hinge and pin on Cargo Bed Enclosure door, Conduit Box door and Rear Access doors. All expanded metal parts Hot-Dip Galvanized. Rivets have all Stainless Steel casing and mandrel to prevent corrosion.

Visit our website at and call Harbor at 800-433-9452.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Harbor Forklift Loadable and Non-Forklift Loadable Racks Compared

This picture shows two trucks with Harbor Contractor /ComboMaster Bodies and Racks. Notice the Crew cab truck on the left has a Non-Forklift Loadable Style Rack extending over the length of the crew cab. The Body platform is a ComboMaster Service Body with the low rear work platform.

The standard cab truck on the right has a Forklift Loadable Rack. Notice no upper bar on the side that look like goal posts. You can see the load bar over the bed is higher than the side bar to allow the forklift forks to leave the load and exit. This Contractor body starts as a Harbor Flatbed and the Boxes and Rack is added.

In both designs, the major share of the weight of the payload is borne by the body portion of the rack between the uprights. The portion over the cab provides support and reduces deflection of long loads such as pipe and conduit.

Harbor offers both designs, it’s the customer’s choice. Visit our website at and call Harbor at 800-433-9452.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Load Up The Crew and The Tools and GO!

This Dodge Quad Cab and Harbor TradeMaster Service Body with ForkLift Loadable Rack make a great combination. This combination will get a lot of work done and carry the crew in comfort.

The TradeMaster Body features Electro-Galvanized sheet metal construction and standard One-Hand Latch, Self-Opening Stainless Steel Lids with Two Gas Shocks. Lighter and stronger and rust free! (Aluminum Treadbrite overlay is available as an option). Matching Stainless Steel Gravel Guards are standard.  See all the features at

There’s a Harbor Forklift Loadable Rack with over the quad cab protection. It’s built with rugged square /rectangular tubing.  The major share of the weight of the payload is borne by the body portion of the rack between the uprights. The portion over the cab provides support and reduces deflection of long loads such as pipe and conduit. You can see the load bar over the bed is higher than the side bar to allow the forklift forks to leave the load and exit.

Let Harbor build one for you! Visit our website and see more about Harbor Truck Bodies at Call Harbor at 800-433-9452.

Friday, August 10, 2012

GoLight Lighting Video

This is a product video of GoLight, Inc. GoLight creates industry leading lighting solutions for recreation, military, automotive, and more.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Harbor TradeMaster For Otis Elevators

Here’s an 11’ Harbor TradeMaster Service Body built for Otis Elevators. Its mounted on a Ford Dual Rear Wheel chassis and includes a nice Tommy Gate Lift Gate. Notice how the bumper is constructed to allow clearance for the lift platform.

Harbor has found a unique way to store the spare tire by providing a nicely crafted “well” at the very front of the body along with a clamp bar and bolt to secure the tire.

See Standard Harbor service body offerings at:

Call Harbor at 800-433-9452 and ask us to find the best solution for your needs.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Choose Your Gates - Harbor Branded Flatbeds/Stakebeds

We manufacture our own branded Harbor Flatbeds/Stakebeds. We call them the Black Boss Flatbed/Stakebed.

There are so many ways that a flatbed can be modified for specific purposes or preferences, including adding gates. You will find a wide range of Stakebed options to show a number of these choices.

You can see the variations in gate materials (steel , wood slats) configurations (High, low, solid, gapped, etc.). There are many choices to suit customer preferences and for various applications. Tell us about what your use is; your experience with other products and what you have seen. We can help you choose the best design and configuration for your use.

We think that you'll agree that the Harbor Truck Bodies Black Boss Stakebeds are durable, high quality and good looking!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

BEDSLIDE on the Flyway Highway Duck Truck

Every year Craig Foster and crew set out on a road trip of waterfowl hunting good times. It's an up close experience of the best waterfowl hunting spots in North America. Craig upfits the truck with some of the best truck accessories in the market. If you're out hunting you understand how important it is to access your gear and cargo. This year BEDSLIDE provided the Flyway Highway with the BEDSLIDE 1500 PRO CG to access his cargo easily.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Organize Your Van With Katerack Shelving

Here's a great way to organize your van. The Katerack® is designed to offer the most efficient use of your van's cargo area.  No crawling into the van or kneeling on unseen sharp objects and tools. Pull out shelves bring everything that was on the inside within easy reach!

Features and Benefits:
  • Each shelf can handle an evenly distributed load of 300lbs.
  • Each shelf can be fully extended using heavy duty commercial grade drawer slides with double locking mechanisms and a center mounted assist handle.
  • Shelves are constructed of extruded aluminum perimeter angle and 3/8" thick FRP shelving material.
  • Shelves can be easily adjusted with 7/32" hex tool.
  • Easily add additional shelves, drawers, and accessories.
  • Catering, Floral, General Contractor, and Painter packages available. Please call for details.

40"H x 42.5"W x 30"D

Give Harbor Truck Bodies a call at 800-433-9452 and let us help organize your van or trailer.