Isuzu Truck Grafter Review & Buyers' Guide

Available as: Chassis Cab, Dropside, Tipper, Engine options:3.0TD 150hp, Volume (m³): Not Applicable, Payload (kg): , 1,215 – 1,635

Our Verdict

Grafter’s torquey engine is a gem, the narrow-bodied configuration makes it ideal for restricted width urban use and the in-house designed, factory-fitted Dropside and Tipper conversions are top-notch.

grafter-2011-bg1First introduced to the UK in 1993 the N Series-based Grafter 3.5 tonne chassis cab range underwent a major overhaul in 2008 which introduced a cab with more interior space and an upgraded 3-litre common rail turbodiesel engine.

Revised in October 2009 to meet Euro 5 emission regulations, the four-cylinder diesel produces 150hp at 2,800rpm and develops peak torque of 375Nm between 1,600rpm and 2,800rpm. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and a Diesel Particulate Diffuser are used to reduce tailpipe emissions so there is no need for any additives like AdBlue.

HC_lightEngine access couldn’t be better thanks to Grafter’s truck heritage; the whole cab tips forward. Service intervals are set at 10,000 miles.

Rear-wheel drive, Grafter comes with a five-speed manual gearbox and unusually it features a dog-leg first gear shift pattern. First is found in the bottom left position, opposite reverse. It’s nothing to worry about as drivers soon become accustomed to it and it does mean that the remaining most often used gears are in an H-pattern.

The front suspension is independent and features coil springs and dampers with the rear taken care of by alloy/steel leaf springs and dampers. The rack and pinion steering is hydraulically power assisted and the brakes are ventilated discs at the front and drums at the rear.

grafter-2011-bg2Available as a chassis cab or a chassis double cab, Grafter has a choice of three wheelbases, single or twin rear wheels — the latter offers greater stability — and there’s even the option of a wide cab; basically the cab from the 7.5 tonne Forward.

As a chassis cab there are a host of bodies that can be fitted to cope with virtually any application; anything from a flatbed to a Luton, curtainsider or refrigerated. Isuzu, however, offers the two most popular conversions, dropside and tipper, as factory-fitted models. The former uses weight-reducing aluminium, the latter hard-wearing high tensile Swedish steel. Gross payload for the single rear wheel Dropside is 1,380kg and 1,215kg for the Tipper. All Grafters can tow a braked trailer grossing at 3,500kg.

grafter-2011-bg3The new cab offers much more space than its predecessor and although the driving position is more truck- than car-like with the steering wheel closer to the horizontal than the vertical, it is comfortable. The rake and reach adjustable helps with the fine-tuning.

There’s bags of head and shoulder room and the twin passenger seat provides ample room for two. Storage space isn’t exactly plentiful, but at least there are two deep bins provided above the windscreen.

Standard specification is good with driver and passenger airbags, hence no glovebox, remote central locking, electric windows and a radio/CD player.

All Grafters come with a three-year unlimited mileage mechanical warranty, which includes free roadside assistance.

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This is how the Ford Transit prepares for American roads

In order to prove itself ready for American roads, watch as the Ford Transit takes on seven million miles of potholes, rumble strips and severe water hazards.

Developed and tested in Europe for four decades, watch the torturous tests Transit takes on in order to prove itself ready for American roads. Over seven million miles of potholes, rumble strips and severe water conditions.

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When we talked to F-150 customers who seldom tow, we heard a common concern – they don’t like backing a trailer because it’s hard to do. We heard the problem and created an innovative solution: Pro Trailer Backup Assist.

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Diesel vs. gasoline: Which fuel type is better for your line of work?

As a business owner who depends on a commercial vehicle for your work, you need the right truck for the job. A truck that comes up short on capability is no help — but too much truck can be a problem too, as the cost of operating it will eat into your profits. Instead, the ideal truck is one that does everything you need in the most efficient way possible.

One important decision to make when choosing your truck is fuel type. Comparing diesel vs. gasoline reveals advantages and drawbacks for each, so you need to choose the best engine and fuel type for your particular needs. Making a wise choice means doing the right thing for everyone who depends on the success of your business: your customers, your employees, you and your family. Below are some considerations for owners who want to get the most from their trucks.

Engine output

Engine output refers to the amount of horsepower and torque that an engine can produce. Horsepower is critical for sports cars, since it helps deliver quick acceleration. But torque is the more important figure for business owners who use their trucks for work. Ample torque means the truck can tow and haul heavy loads with relative ease.

If you push your truck to the limits of its towing or hauling capacity, you can depend on diesel to do the job with an impressive combination of toughness and efficiency. Those 18-wheelers you see pulling 53-foot-long trailers on the interstate use diesel for a reason. Gasoline engines can’t match diesels when it comes to heavy loads.

Fuel economy

Diesel engines also typically trump gas engines in terms of efficiency, delivering more miles per gallon to save you money at the pump. Consider the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, which delivers up to 28 mpg on the highway while providing more torque than even the Ram brand’s HEMI® V8 engine.

There is a flip side to the fuel economy advantage, however. In most places, diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline. According to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report, the national average price for a gallon of diesel fuel is about $0.80 more than a gallon of regular gasoline. Be sure to consider that price premium when estimating the costs of operating a diesel-powered truck against one that runs on gas.

Fuel availability can be an issue for diesel drivers, too. Gasoline is more widely available than diesel in many parts of the country.

Other ownership considerations

Besides capability and efficiency, small- and medium-sized business owners should consider maintenance costs and resale value in the diesel vs. gasoline decision process. Because gasoline engines are more common than diesels, parts and service for gas engines may be more affordable and easier to find.

But when it comes time to sell your work truck and replace it with a new one, diesels often deliver better resale value. Of course, diesels are typically more expensive to purchase new, too. The capability of the diesel truck will pay off for those who truly need it, though, and the extra value at trade-in or sale can offset some of the cost of the next truck.

Both gasoline and diesel offer advantages and disadvantages for work vehicles, depending on how you use your work truck. But generally speaking, gasoline engines are more affordable at the time of purchase, and gallon-for-gallon, gas is cheaper at the pump. Diesel engines, on the other hand, provide more capability and better fuel economy, but are pricier to buy up front. Like so many business decisions, this one comes down to figuring out what’s right for your particular needs.


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In this video, we showcase our SpaceKap fiber optic splicing unit. This service body boasts a magnitude of great features such as: Reversed rear doors that allow access in and out of the unit while the cable is passed through the integrated rear portal, 5,500 watt Onan generator (110/220), 13,500 but A/C unit, 220v electric heater, deep cycle battery with smart charger, 110v outlets on the workbench, plenty of storage space and much much more. Please give us a call for more information or even a demonstration. www.spacekap.com


RAM | Driven to Succeed | EMRGE Supply Co.

RAM | ProMaster City | http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/city | Inspired by their shared passion for electronic music and culture, friends Seth, Alex, and Ryan launched EMRGE Supply Co., a clothing and lifestyle company. Tag along as the guys load up their products in the all new 2015 RAM ProMaster City and hit the road for one of the country’s biggest music festivals.


Masterack SmartSpace Cargo Management System

SmartSpace - A Revolutionary Change in Cargo Storage
SmartSpace Cargo Management System was developed from the ground up, with the support of Masterack’s largest fleet, OEM, and distributor customers. The highly configurable storage system features stackable shelf units, designed for use in the new high-cube cargo vans coming to market within the next 18 months, which include the Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster, as well as smaller fleet vehicles such as the Ford Transit Connect and Nissan NV200.

The new system is engineered with lightweight materials which provide fuel efficiency over traditional steel cargo management systems. SmartSpace is modular, giving users the ability to easily and quickly customize the system for different trades and needs, even after delivery of the vehicle. 

Additionally, the system satisfies Masterack’s installation partners’ desire to reduce installation time for the system. “Our customers asked for a cargo management system that would save them time, so we designed a shelving module that can be installed at 90 or 180 degrees for rear and side door access,” said Jenn Voelker, Marketing Manager. “We focused on the details, down to new drawer latches which secure drawers individually and provide quiet, rattle-free storage.”

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2015 RAM ProMaster City Wagon

From the 2015 Work Truck Show, Mark Williams, of PickupTrucks.com, takes a look at the 2015 RAM ProMaster City Wagon.


Dump Truck Safety

In any construction or industrial environment, safety should be the highest priority for all involved in the operation of equipment. Even though it might seem like dump trucks are fairly safe vehicles to work with, they still require safety precautions and operating precision like any other machinery. Any unit capable of carrying and dumping such heavy loads, that also has moving parts should be handled carefully to prevent accidents on the job site. Below are some tips to keep in mind when operating these enormous pieces of machinery.
  • Stability - Dump truck tipping is a major concern, especially when dumping a load. Be sure to always load and unload this vehicle on solid, even ground; this will lower the risk of any tipping accidents. Having a level, even load to dump and maintaining a safe center of gravity while unloading is essential to prevent tipping. This will all vary depending on the type of material, amount of material, and the weight and length of the dump area itself. Along these same lines, never drive with a raised dump bed as the truck could become unbalanced or hit power lines and result in serious accidents.

  • Questionable Conditions - Due to the risk of tipping and problems with unloading, if there is any kind of question about the operation's safety, use another way to get material including regular pickup trucks if necessary.

  • Even Loads - Starting in the middle of the bed, load evenly outward and fill in empty spots as the loading continues. This allows for safer transport of material and easier dumping at the job site.

  • Load Weight Limits - Overloading us serious, it increases the chance of truck tipping and can cause problems when dumping. Always follow weight limits and know the allowable amount of loaded material.

  • Bed Liners - Using bed liners will help loaded material flow out of the bed more freely when it is raised for dumping. This is especially significant when hauling material that could possibly stick or freeze to the surface of the truck bed.

  • Observation - Before dumping a load, clear the area of people and objects, checking as well for overhead obstructions. One of the most dangerous situations can happen by raising the bed into electrical wires that unfortunately happens too often. It is important to know the raised height of a dump truck's bed to be sure there is ample room to lift before making any such attempt.

  • Warning Systems and Alarms - It is important to learn and understand hand signals, use of the back-up alarm and lights, and other way to communicate with other workers to keep everyone informed.

  • Bed Safety - Never assume that a truck's hydraulics is enough safety when working behind the truck's cab or under the bed. Accidentally lowering the bed can be deadly for anyone working under it. Dump beds should always be held up with props and bed blocks to protect against such accidents. Tail gates should also be locked whenever any kind of work is being performed on that item.

  • Safety Checks - No matter what heavy-duty truck is being used, daily maintenance and safety checks are essential to prevent accidents. Use the vehicle's checklist and be sure that everything is working well, tires are properly inflated, and all safety gear and devices are working correctly. Safety gear should always be worn and all safety protocols closely followed.
Although these tips may seem to be common sense, it is possible to assume that there are fewer hazards present when using dump trucks. Strict adherence to safety procedures and careful attention to detail will keep all workers safe and on the road, ready to deliver that next important load!

Christopher M. Hunter is an expert in commercial specialty trucks. To find out more about Dump Truck Sales, go to the main website at: http://www.centraltrucksales.net/home.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Christopher_M._Hunter


The Tommy Gate G2 Series - For Pickups

Tommy Gate - G2 Series - Pickup and Service Operation


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2015 Ford F-350 Power Stroke: Ike Gauntlet Extreme Towing Review

2015 Ford F-350 Crew Cab 4x4 Dually has an upgraded V8 turbo-diesel Power Stroke engine. The bigger turbocharger and updated injectors combine to make 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque at 1,600 rpm. So, how does it do when towing a 1942 M2 Halftrack (combined weight with trailer 21,600 lbs) up a steep incline at over 11,000 feet of elevation? How does it compare to the Ram 3500 with the same trailer? This is exactly what this video answers.

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Decades of R & D combining high-strength aluminum alloy with high-strength steel has created a lean machine that's heavy on capability.