Nice Custom Flatbed For Irish Construction By North Bay Truck Body

North Bay Truck Body in Cordelia, CA recently delivered one of many units for Irish Construction to the selling dealer, Paul Brown of  Larry Geweke Ford in Yuba City, CA. The client has specific needs in their flatbed fleet and Bob Dias at North Bay Truck Body was happy to work with Irish Construction to fulfill their needs. Based on what I saw in this truck, it is a sweet rig and well designed.

The tool boxes were made by Harbor Truck Bodies and it is an open top box on one side and a closed top box on the other. The stainless steel lids is unmistakeable Harbor. The bed even has jack hammer tube holders, and a long list of other "little" features. Considering they do a lot of underground work, that is one of the main tools of their trade.

I see these trucks all over northern California and now Harbor Distributor, Bob Dias will have a chance to show off some of his fine work with Irish Construction. Bob specializes in custom flatbeds, and you can see more of his creations at http://www.nbtb.com/.


Tommy Gate Aluminum Platform Liftgate For Service Bodies

Here's a liftgate that makes sense on a service body: The Tommy Gate Aluminum Liftgate, available in the standard and the G2 Hydraulic Dual Cylinder models. This makes sense because of how much lighter the aluminum model is versus the steel platform. Any weight savings behind the rear axle is a good thing!

This liftgate is mounted on a Harbor 9'x22"x41" Service Body with Stainless Steel Lids, a Window Guard and Spray Bedliner. Thanks to Kimberly at Harbor Truck Bodies for the shots.


Interesting Welder Body with Crane, Or Is It Crane Body with Welder?

Welder Bodies come in so many different modifications, that almost any body could be a "Welder Body." Here's yet another way. This one is an 11' Harbor Service Body with 56" high compartments. It is mounted on a 108" CA chassis so that allows 2' of space in front of the body for the Miller Trailblazer welding machine. As you can see, this welder is mounted on a sliding tray which extends all the way out from the body and supports the weight nicely.

Mounted on the top right is a Venturo ET25KX crane with crane rest and outrigger package mounted as shown in the last photo. Just think of all the stuff we can put in this wonderful set of closets. In addition, this unit has the cargo bed enclosure which keeps the things in the center compartment out of the weather, and more importantly, out of sight.

All in all, this is an awesome selection of features and benefits that could serve you well. Call Harbor at 1-800-433-9452 and visit our website at www.htbi.net.


Custom Service Body by Cobalt Truck Equipment

This is a custom 11' Harbor Service Body that was completed by Cobalt Truck Equipment in Las Vegas, Nevada recently. It was built for NV Energy, serving energy needs for Northern Nevada and Northeastern California for over 150 years.

This truck has a lot of additions to the standard Harbor service body. For example, there are custom boxes added to the top of the closed top sides and on the curbside, there is space left for a generator. Notice also the custom drawers, some of which are nice and deep. It also sports a very tasty custom bumper, cab shield and spot lights for all hours effectiveness. Notice that the upper box mounted on the streetside has a nice, large rear lockable opening. Tail lights are mounted in the end panels instead of the bumper, there is large J-hooks to store a ladder as shown and the spare tire is mounted to the body. I see an air hose assembly in the right rear curbside compartment. It looks like this truck can get a lot of jobs done out in the field.

Thanks to Bill Hottel, Parts Supervisor for Cobalt Truck Equipment for sharing this job with us. We love custom jobs. Cobalt Truck Equipment is an authorized Harbor Truck Bodies Distributor and is located at at 1607 Industrial Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89102 and they can be reached at 702-385-4475 or visit their website at www.cobalttruck.com.


A Bigger Home = Bigger Closets! = Great Service Body


Small homes have small closets, bigger homes, larger closets. That's a great thing for most humans because we love to collect things and store things and we have to have places to put it. Larger service bodies have more storage and more places and spaces to put things. To many, that is a great thing.

Here is a group of bodies made for Jack Hubbard Sales of Modesto, CA for their customer by Harbor Truck Bodies. You can see the unfinished product at the bottom and the finished product completed by Jack Hubbard Sales prior to delivery.

This is one of the most interesting bodies I have ever seen. Essentially it appears to be an 11' service body with raised front compartments, then a raised horizontal compartment with open top lid and vertical doors instead of horizontal doors. The rear section appears to have approximately 24" and 18" boxes side by side offering a work platform. You might notice the metal tailgate at the end in the rear.

There is the box on the streetside rear that has an electrical outlet and based on the wiring looks like there are others. Notice the Honda generator mounted on the curbside area along with a light duty fold-up crane. I see a cab protector installed, the body has the Master Lock System, a jobber box near the front of the body and another load dividing tailgate drop in. I love the deep drawers on the curbside and look at all the storage on the streetside in the picture with the doors open. I see two different trailer plugs as well. Check out the interesting rack to the front bumper.

Thanks to Kimberly at Harbor and Jack Hubbard Sales for sharing these photos. What a great body. A unique design. You can reach Jack Hubbard Sales at 209-526-5820.


Service Body To Haul Batteries As Roadside Service Truck


Kimberly got some shots of another interesting Harbor body. This one was built for Ken Grody Ford for their customer and is to be used to haul batteries. It will be used as a roadside auto service truck. Notice that all the compartments are vented above and below the lock which is a must for carrying batteries around in closed compartments. Notice inside the compartment that the compartment floor has been reinforced with treadplate to help with the weight.

This unit is Harbor's standard 41" high TradeMaster Service Body with standard Stainless Steel Lids. It looks like it is a 9' single rear wheel body mounted on a 56" CA chassis based on the way the wheel well looks.

Since Harbor Truck Bodies is a service/utility body manufacturer, we can do pretty much anything you can think of to solve your particular cargo issues--and nice looking too! Call Kimberly or Tony at 800-433-9452.


Harbor's Highliner Body Makes Extra Space For More Stuff

Here's a great idea: Take an 11' Service Body (or any other size for that matter. . .) and add a set of boxes on top with doors that open upward, so that it is easy for the user to see inside. At Harbor Truck Bodies we call this the HighLiner Body. We built quite a number of these for Southern California Edison and also market them to anyone who can use that extra space. We think it is a sweet piece! Who doesn't need more storage?


Check Our Dealer and Distributor Listings!

Our website has a list of Harbor stocking dealers so you can see our bodies up close and personal. Check out the dealer and distributor listings on our website at http://www.htbi.net/. We have a list of Chevy, GMC, Ford, Dodge, and Isuzu stocking dealers. These dealers stock upfitted commercial trucks and generally have Harbor bodies in stock. Check out the list here: Harbor Stocking Dealers.

We also have a list of Harbor authorized distributors which are independent, qualified body companies that install and sell Harbor bodies west of the Mississippi. These excellent partners serve their customers with high quality service and products and they serve Harbor by being excellent with their customers. Check out our list of distributors here: Harbor Distributors

This is a great opportunity we want to take to thank all of our quality stocking dealers and distributors. Thank you all!

Metallic Paint Service Body For Sierra Pool & Spa

More color! More color! Not just red! Yeah! Only the bold go to metallic paint on commercial trucks. This light blue metallic is a beauty built by Harbor Truck Bodies. Considering that it is virtually impossible to match the paint exactly between the body and the cab due to different metal, thickness, shape, ideal and non-ideal paint conditions, and more, yet--Harbor's pro paint authorized vendors haves matched this as close as anyone could expect. It looks wonderful.

This unit was built for Sierra Pool & Spa serving Southern California. They serve an extremely large geographical area! I'm guessing they love driving this beauty around and it shows a lot about their company: classy and successful! That's a good thing.

Let Harbor add some color to your life! Call 800-433-9452 and talk with Kimberly or Tony today.


Just Park This One Where We Can See It Often!

Here's an older unit built for Mark Christopher Chevrolet by Harbor Truck Bodies from 2004. It is one of my favorite trucks to look at.

Red service bodies is my favorite color for sure and they have to have some nice aluminum wheels to finish it off. This truck has a 56" high Combo Body and built on a GM4500 chassis. This baby will haul some cargo! But, who cares about cargo? This is great to just look at!

In a sea of white work trucks, this is a great attention getter. There's just something about it. Maybe it's the fire engine color. Whatever it is, it is a nice change to look at.


Might As Well Finish It Off Nicely! A Little Chrome Is A Good Thing!

If you're going for the colored paint and the uplevel cab in the truck and the nice equipment, you might as well go the rest of the way and get the custom chrome rear bumper. It sure does finish the job off nicely. Of course, the LED lights are pretty cool too!

Call Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452 and let us dress one up for you!


Special Cargo Bed Enclosure and Horizontal Series Service Body

This is a 9' Service Body on an uplevel Ford 56"CA Box Delete Chassis. Looks wonderful. The interesting part to show on this is how nicely this shows off the advantage of the horizontal series, which it a no charge option. This makes the horizontal box over the wheels extend to the end of the body and instead of a vertical compartment in the rear, it has a smaller square box below. This option allows a wide variety of tools, parts and other gear to fit in that long horizontal box. It's a great option.

The other interesting thing is that it has a Raised Cargo Bed Enclosure, but this one has a permanent top instead of the typical roll top or sliding roof. Notice the light on the inside roof and also how closely the rack fits to the top. It also has a conduit box mounted in the center which is more often mounted on one side rather than in the center.

There are some other minor options, like the Stainless Steel Vise Bracket, but all in all, this is one sweet looking truck!


Love This Truck!

Yellow. There's nothing quite like it to draw attention. That is the point of a display, right? If it doesn't draw attention, what good is it? Might as well park it out back with those other big white things. Not this one! This one goes front and center. Love this truck. . .


Transverse Compartment with Slide Out Drawer Adds Much Value

Here is a shot of a transverse compartment with a slide out drawer. This type of compartment is so useful in many ways for many different businesses.

The shot that isn't here is a photo from the rear looking at the bed area. If it were here, you would see that since the front compartment goes all the way through the body, you lose exactly the width of the compartment in bed area, but that is a very easy trade-off in my thinking. It keeps things from getting too far forward as well so you can reach them. What would also be interesting would be a cargo bed enclosure and then you can hide the things in the back.

This particular transverse compartment goes from one side through the body to the backside of the compartment on the opposite side of the body, so the drawer only slides out one way. This makes for a nice long drawer and you still have the original functional compartment on the other side. It is available all the way through the body and have the drawer go out either side at any time and that would be pretty useful too. In this case, the long drawer comes out on the safer curbside of the truck rather than the streetside. It is probably the best scenario for that reason.

This is an 8' unit on an uplevel GM chassis and also has two different design ladder racks installed. These shots were courtesy of Greg Hoffner of Refrigeration Services Unlimited of Anaheim, CA who does Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning as well as Ice Makers. They are in Southern California and their phone number is 714-281-7359.

Let Harbor Truck build one for you! Call Kimberly or Tony at 800-433-9452.


Sweet Combo Body Built For Lake Chevrolet

Here's sp,e wonderful shots of a screaming Combo body on a decked out Chevy 4500 Crew Cab that Harbor Truck Bodies built for Lake Chevrolet in Lake Elsinore CA. Compartments are 56" high to store just about anything you might want with lots of shelves, space for drawers. Notice the vertical compartments over the rear wheel rather than horizontal compartment.

The top photo shows the cargo bed enclosure with barn doors. It is rare enough to see a cargo bed enclosure on a Combo body, but it seems to look perfect. Great storage away from prying eyes and certainly excellent access with the 3-piece top opening sliding on Teflon slides.

Then there is the great work area on the back with that 36" platform making this body a 12' unit. This has the fold-down 10" gates to make the work area more useful and not forget the gates at the job site. To round it up, there is the HD Forklift Rack with 3 over body removable supports along with the swing-away rear and headboard support to carry the heavy loads. Expanded metal in the front section of the rack helps protect the cab.

Let Harbor build you the truck of your dreams! Call Kimberly or Tony today at 800-433-9452.