The Stairway To Heaven Body! A Golden Winner!


Kimberly and I was joking with with each other calling this the Stairway to Heaven body because when you look at the photo of the back it looks to me like a stairway to the lids from the bumper to the vise mount to the fold-up step to the lid. But we are unanimous calling this body is SWEEEEET!!

Mounted on a light brown metallic GMC 5500 Crew Cab, the Harbor 56" closed top body is enhanced with the addition of a 3-piece raised cargo bed enclosure. What do you suppose they put in there? Whatever they want, I'm sure since there is a ton of room in there. A couple of custom vise mounts, some fold-up steps mounted to the end panels, oversize tailgate, and a forklift loadable rack. Then we get around to the side and see all those beautiful HD drawers! I love drawers in service bodies. The unit also has Harbor's Master Lock System and 2-stage matching paint including inside the compartments.

This is a serious truck with a total luxury feel. It's a truck any serious contractor could love. Let us build one that is perfect for your business! Call Kimberly or Tony at 800-433-9452.

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