Masterack from Harbor Truck Bodies

Here's a Masterack commercial van package with options that are useful, such as the commercial locking system adding an outside lock to the rear door in addition to the factory lock. Look also at the dual fold-down ladder rack with the conduit tube in the middle. Notice also the wire rack package and drawer units.

For all your Masterack needs, give Harbor Truck Bodies a call at 800-433-9452.


Welder, Combo, Service Body with STORAGE!

Here's a body that was nearing completion when the photos were taken. This is a Harbor 11' TradeMaster Service Body or WeldMaster Body. It could also be called a ComboMaster body since it has the rear platforom extension. It has several options of note: This unit has 56" compartments except the front compartments are 60" tall. The front compartments are set up for welder bottles with bottle brackets and rings and vented doors. Notice that the horizontal compartment over the wheel wells is now a vertical compartment and has much more space than usual. This unit also sports an 19" Floor Extension for a work platform to get some quick jobs done in the field, along with a HD Material Rack. All this was mounted on a Ford Super Duty 450/550 chassis.

We are happy to help you with the body that suits your needs. Give us a call at 800-433-9452 and visit our website at http://www.htbi.net/.


Sweet Looking Flatbed On F450

Here's a sweet looking contractor style flatbed with tapered headboard, short contractor style gates that fold-down at the rear as shown. The gates are not fold-down style on the sides. This also has underbody boxes, hitch, diamond plate steel floor.

See more creations by Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea CA at http://www.htbi.net/, or call them at 800-433-9452.


No Charge Rack Options

Here's a couple shots from the lot of Larry Geweke Ford in Yuba City, CA so we can show off the difference between the tapered-leg rack and the straight-leg rack. In this case, these are forklift loadable racks mounted on single rear wheel 9' Harbor Service Bodies with standard Stainless Steel Open Top Lids.

Some people need the widest space possible to carry more material, or larger items and for them, the straight-leg rack is the way to go. The only issue is you need to pay attention getting in and out of the cab for tall people. This rack makes an excellent use of the width of the body to give maximum size capacity.

The tapered-leg rack is mounted in the same place on the body, but tapers in to give it a sleeker appearance and the rack section does not hang over the door on the cab, so it may be easier to get in and out. Many also think it looks cleaner and flows more with the lines of the truck.

The good news is everyone has a choice. There is no difference is cost, just design. Let Harbor help you get the exact body and rack combination you need for your business. Call Harbor at 800-433-9452, and visit our website at http://www.htbi.net/.


Tailgate Options

Many manufacturers offer taller tailgates than the standard. You don't see them very often, but I think if more prospects knew of it as an option, there would be more to see.

This is an example of a 19" optional tailgate on a body built by Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea, CA. There are some shots here of it closed and laying down. This particular body happens to have a raised cargo bed enclosure as well as a horizontal series on the curbside. Of course, Harbor is famous for their standard Stainless Steel lids.

Contact Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452 and visit the website at www.htbi.net.


Custom Racks By Harbor Truck Bodies

There's a whole lot of rack goin' on here! Seems overpowering for a smaller truck, but is for specific uses that make sense for this business. Notice the taller sides, stop in front of rack but not all the way forward. Notice that it is designed to have cargo on both sides yet leave the center area accessible to the cargo area. Notice also the forward structural support posts. Notice the double supports where attached to the body and also notice the width of the rack assembly for maximum space available. Of course, the whole thing is bolted and thereby removable just in case they need some major engine work where the cab is removed on the Ford this package rests on. Last, notice the spare tire mounted in the bed area.

Custom racks. Harbor Truck Bodies builds a lot of racks and many of them are customized as customers have need. Give Harbor a call at 800-433-9452 and discuss your rack needs.


Harbor Truck Bodies Has Great Animal Control Body

This is an animal control body by Harbor Truck Bodies. It is essentially a highly modified service body with various size compartments for different size animals, plenty of ventilation and temperature control, which is especially important in the heat of the sun during most of the year in Southern California where this unit is in use by the City of Fontana.

As you can see by the photographs, it has special doors, expanded metal and solid metal partitions, vented panels, through compartments for larger animals, interior lighting, special coolers and exhaust ventilators, strobe lights, all LED exterior lighting, and this also has a Tommy Gate 1,000 lb liftgate.

Yes, Harbor Truck does custom. Just give a call to 800-433-9452 from anywhere in the USA and we will be happy to help you create the ultimate body for your needs. Also visit http://www.htbi.net/ to see a wide range of bodies that Harbor Truck Bodies manufactures or distributes.


Harbor WorkMaster As A Rescue Body

Here's a rescue truck packaged and modified by Cascade Truck Body in Eugene, Oregon. The basis of the truck is a Harbor WorkMaster Body. Cascade Truck Body is a Harbor Distributor. Contact them at 541-342-5317 and visit their website at http://www.cascadetruckbody.com/.


Harbor Has Distributors In Montana and Wyoming

Harbor Truck Bodies has distributors in Montana and Wyoming!

Montana Harbor Truck Distributors

Pierce Manufacturing Co
Kalispell MT

Wyoming Harbor Truck Distributors

Colman Equipment
Casper WY


Need A Harbor Body In Colorado or Idaho?

Colorado Harbor Truck Distributors

Layton Truck Equipment
Colorado Springs CO

Maxey Truck & Trailer Equipment
Fort Collins CO

Idaho Harbor Truck Distributors

Cobalt Truck Equipment
Nampa ID


Dodge 4500 Crew Cab and Harbor 12' ComboMaster

This truck is a long one. It's a Dodge 4500/5500 Crew Cab Cab Chassis with a Harbor 12' ComboMaster without a rack. A ComboMaster is a Service Body with a 36" work platform on the rear and there are so many contractors who love how that works out for them. Notice the vise on the rear and the wide 8" standard step bumper. Give us a call at 800-433-9452 to order one for your operation, and please visit our website at http://www.htbi.net/.


Very Nice Dodge 4500 Crew Cab with 11' Gooseneck Body

That song says it never rains in Southern California, but it is obvious it did on this day! Here are some shots of a body built by Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea, CA (Near Anaheim) for a Dodge Commercial Truck Dealer, Crown Motors in Redding, CA. This is an 11' Gooseneck Flatbed that Harbor calls a Rancher Body (makes sense to me), with some short wood sides, diamond plate floor, LED lighting, and an optional apron. Note the silver metallic color!

See more from Harbor Truck Bodies at http://www.htbi.net/, or call them at 800-433-9452.