2015 Ford Transit Van

A media event demonstrated the driving versatility of the Transit as Ford launches its E-Series replacement.

A group of automotive media representatives descended onto "Paris of the Plains" (a.k.a. Kansas City) in early June to test out the newest iteration of the 2015 Ford Transit, actually nine versions of it to be exact.

After a quick presentation from the Ford execs, we were unleashed on the high-, medium- and high roof versions of the Transit, as well as three different body lengths, and passenger and cargo versions. The first part of the test drive was held on a closed course next to Kansas City's Kemper Arena. The car took to the slalom turns and quick stops quite easily, and made its way through the turnaround section quickly with little effort on the part of the driver.

After spending an hour driving the course with each van, including the 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V-6, 3.5-liter EcoBoost, and 3.2-liter I-5 Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engines powering us, the group split into reporter/Ford technician pairs to make their way around the Kansas City area.

The first stop was the Ford assembly plant, which is running three shifts to meet expected demand for the E-Series replacement. As I made my way onto the freeway, a quick press of the pedal pumped the EcoBoost engine to speeds matching the flow of traffic without having to cause any congestion. The fuel economy seemed undaunted by my rapid and necessary accelerations, as I constantly checked the gas gauge along the way.

Photo by Stephane Babcock.
The interior had all of the creature comforts you'd expect in the van, but everything was easily in reach, from the in-dash touchscreen to the cup and cellphone holders on either side of the steering wheel. There were also multiple USB ports so that you can charge your cellphone and play music from your iPod through the vehicle's audio system at the same time (for those of us who do not have an iPhone). The seating was comfortable and offered a helpful view of the road ahead.

Whether taking it across Kansas City freeways or through city and rural roads, the new Transit made for a comfortable and easy to hahttp://www.government-fleet.comndle drive, even when the navigator forgot to inform you to make a turn and a split-second change had to be made on a well-traveled city road. Photos by Stephanie Babcock.

From  http://www.government-fleet.com


A Black Beauty - Welders Body by Harbor Truck Bodies!

This Ford Crew Cab uplevel truck is upfitted with a  beauty of a Harbor welders body.

How many welders do you see rolling around in rigs like this? Yet that's what this ends up being, or at least functioning with the custom space for the welder machine. Notice that it has a closed top on the streetside where the welder opening is and an open top lid on the curbside. This also has tie downs in the floor and a spray on bedliner to make it so durable.

Maybe Harbor could build you one too! Call us at 800-433-9452 and visit our website at http://www.htbi.net/.


Aluminum Parts Save 707 Pounds in F-150 Weigh-In

Ford executives showed two trucks on scales to demonstrate the light-weighting of the new truck when compared to the 2014 model-year version.

Ford's extensive use of aluminum pared more than 700 pounds from the weight of its new F-150 pickup truck the company weighed for the media at an event in Dearborn, Mich., last week.

Ford executives showed two trucks on scales to demonstrate the light-weighting of the new truck when compared to the 2014 model-year version. The numbers supported earlier estimates of weight savings due to use of aluminum.

A 2015 F-150 Lariat SuperCrew 4x4 with a 2.7L V-6 EcoBoost engine scaled at 4,942 pounds, while a comparable 2014 F-150 Lariat SuperCrew 4x4 with a 5.0L V-8 weighed 5,674 pounds.

About 25 pounds of the difference can be attributed to the slightly heavier V-8 in the ’14 truck, said Mike Levine, Ford's truck communications manager. The rest of the 732-pound difference, or 707 pounds, is due to use of aluminum body panels and other parts.

Otherwise the two trucks were set up the same, with one-eighth of a tank of fuel, plus coolant, oil and washer fluid.

Ford has not released the curb weights or gross vehicle weights of the 2015 F-150s, but Levine said the curb weight of a pickup truck is measured without fluids. Aluminum weight savings for smaller Super- and Regular-Cab pickups will be less.

Ford will offer four engines for the 2015 F-150: the 2.7-liter EcoBoost and a 3.5-liter EcoBoost, both turbocharged V-6s; a non-turbo 3.5 V-6; and the 5-liter V-8. All make healthy amounts of power and torque, so no larger engines will be available. 

From http://www.truckinginfo.com


The 2015 Ram ProMaster City

Introducing the all-new 2015 Ram ProMaster City. This master of the asphalt brings the big city down to size with best-in-class cargo volume and convenient versatility. Best-in-class payload ensures you get the job done right. Take a look at the new offering from Ram Commercial. Your small business won't be disappointed.


Harbor Horizontal Series Service Body With Cargo Bed Enclosure

This Harbor  9' Service Body is mounted on an uplevel Ford 56"CA Box Delete Chassis. The body is a Harbor horizontal series, a no charge option. The horizontal box over the wheels extends to the end of the body and instead of a vertical compartment in the rear, it includes a smaller square box below. This option allows a wide variety of tools, parts and other gear to fit in that long horizontal box. It's a great option.

Also note that it has a Raised Cargo Bed Enclosure, but this one has a permanent top instead of the typical roll top or sliding roof. Notice the light on the inside roof and also how closely the rack fits to the top. It also has a conduit box mounted in the center which is more often mounted on one side rather than in the center.

There are some other minor options, like the Stainless Steel Vise Bracket, but all in all, this is one sweet looking truck!

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Masterack History

Masterack started as the metal fabrication division of the Southern Spring Bed Company in Atlanta, Georgia. During the Great Depression, they branched into other markets beyond bed springs, which included fixtures and displays of all types for the beverage industry, and welded wire shelving for a local telephone company to install in their service vans. In 1972, Masterack patented the original roof-mounted clamping ladder rack, which quickly became the industry standard for utility vehicles of all types, from cargo vans to station wagons.

When Masterack was purchased by, Leggett & Platt, Inc. in 1972, the renewed financial backing of L&P enabled the company to expand the truck equipment business beyond the local telephone company. The ladder racks and "KD" shelving packages began to appear in service vehicles all over the country.

The next three decades saw rapid change and growth at Masterack. The company began installing van interiors and pickup caps at a facility down the street from the manufacturing plant, and then opened new facilities around the country to provide nationwide ship-thru installation. The manufacturing plant was constantly upgraded and expanded into the 406,000 square feet that it is today.

In 2000, Leggett & Platt purchased Crown North America and created Leggett & Platt Commercial Vehicle Products (CVP). Crown brought over 50 years of experience in the utility vehicle business, access to the Canadian market, and expanded capabilities and expertise as a Tier I supplier to the automotive OEM's. That expertise helped Masterack to achieve ISO-9001 certification in 2001.

Harbor Truck Bodies is a Distributor of Masterack Van Interiors and Roof Racks


2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Bi-Fuel CNG Pickup

The bi-fuel CNG Silverado 2500 should expand CNG use among fleets.

 Photo by Vince Taroc.

I had an opportunity to test drive the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Crew Cab with the bi-fuel CNG option for a week and was very impressed. In fact, I primarily drove the pickup using CNG and was struck as to how indistinguishable it was from being powered by gasoline.

I’ve driven a number of CNG vehicles over the years and I must say this was one of the most seamless bi-fuel transitions I have experienced, segueing from CNG to gasoline and back all with a simple flip of the switch — while you are driving. This produces a very pleasant user experience and also a strong appreciation of the engineering that allows this to occur.

Also, the effortless transition from one fuel to the other will help facilitate use by fleet drivers who, in the past, were reluctant to use the bi-fuel option and switch to the alternative fuel. Not all bi-fuel systems allow drivers to manually switch fuels.

The beauty of these models is that they provide reduced CO2 emissions (compared to the gasoline engine), while continuing to deliver full-size truck utility.

The CNG option is available on all 2015 Silverado 2500HD configurations and Silverado 3500HD models with single rear wheels, along with the 2500HD double cab and crew cab models, and with 2500HD regular cab and all 3500HD models. The bi-fuel CNG option is available on standard- or long-box models in both 2WD and 4WD.

The bi-fuel CNG Silverado/Sierra 2500/3500HD uses the 6.0L Vortec V-8 with factory-installed hardened exhaust valves and intake/exhaust valve seats engineered for gaseous fuel use. As mentioned earlier, the Vortec 6.0L V-8 engine can seamlessly transition between CNG and gasoline.

However, there is a slight difference in power between CNG and gasoline. The gasoline engine produces 360 hp and 380 lb.-ft. of torque. While running on CNG, the engine produces 301 hp and 333 lb.-ft. of torque.

Photo by Vince Taroc.

Besides allowing the driver to seamlessly switch fuels with the flip of a switch, the fuel system automatically switches to gasoline when the CNG tank is empty. This greatly expands the pickups driving range, which compensates for the lower power in the CNG mode. The combined 17 gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) CNG tank and 36-gallon gasoline tank provide a range of more than 650 miles, it is very impressive.

The CNG tank is located in the pickup bed providing easy access when refueling. On the interior, the gasoline fuel gauge also doubles as the CNG fuel gauge, a very nice touch.

From a fleet maintenance perspective, the CNG fuel delivery and storage system is covered under GM’s limited warranty and is serviceable by Chevrolet and GMC dealers. Plus, all major components have GM service part numbers for broad availability.

In the CNG system, all high-pressure fuel lines are located between the frame rails, which increase vehicle safety in the event of a collision. There is a full 10-year corrosion validation, which is similarly value in Snow Belt regions. Lastly, the bi-fuel CNG Silverado/Sierra has a comprehensive five-year/100,000-mile transferable powertrain limited warranty, which is not the case for all manufacturers. All in all, I walked away really liking my experience with the truck and feeling like it will help expand CNG usage among fleet users.

From http://www.government-fleet.com


Here's a Hot Tip: Isuzu Versatility Is Second To None

Equipped with versatility and a ‘can-do’ attitude, the broad range of Isuzu factory tippers is ready to get to work tackling any challenge.

With eight models to choose from, Isuzu tippers feature the qualities that have made Isuzu Australia’s number one truck range for the past 25 years.

GVM ratings range from 4,500 kg to 10,400 kg, load capacity from 2.0 cubic metres to 3.8 cubic metres and with a choice of single or crew cab models, the renowned ability of Isuzu tippers to manage rough conditions makes them ideal for many work-types, perfect for landscapers, nurseries, local councils and more.

There’s even an all-wheel drive model, the NLS 200. With its narrow cab and 2.0 cubic metre tipper body the NLS excels in low traction conditions often found on work sites.

Organisations nationwide have praised the present range for its ability to be driven virtually from the dealership showroom onto the worksite*.

Fleet Procurement Manager, Glen Reece, said the NLS 200 has been an invaluable addition for the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

“The Isuzu provides us with a vehicle narrow enough to park in the middle of the road for median strip maintenance,” he said.

“Our team can load straight onto the back of the truck without disrupting traffic.”

The Isuzu Tipper range credentials have been built up over many years.  A positive experience with an NPR 300 Tipper led Scott Wallace of Priority Tree Care to invest in further Isuzu trucks.

“The NPR 300 Tipper is used to tow a stump grinding machine. With its drop sides it makes loading the grindings and wood a lot easier,” Scott said.

“We purchased the NPR 300 Tipper in 2004 and have had no dramas with it. We decided to follow suit with the new truck (a 2013 FRR 600) and opt for another Isuzu.”

For Enzo Morabito, from ACT-based Boss Haulage it was the comfort and convenience features that came up trumps.

The company uses its FRR 500 Tipper to transport loads in its haulage, earthmoving, road maintenance, equipment hire and materials supply business.

Mr Morabito said his Isuzu FRR 500 was an enjoyable ride.

“The easy control provided by the truck’s steering makes the drive quite pleasurable, while the ride is smooth and comfortable,” he said.

Factory-built peace of mind

The hardy features and creature comforts that have made Isuzu Tippers popular with these operators are available ready to drive away from Isuzu dealers, as the models are factory-built.

The high quality ShinMaywa tipping bodies feature robust 3.2mm all steel deck plate construction, fast 20 second up and down hydraulic hoist, auto release and two-way tailgate.

Power is provided by proven Euro V-compliant Isuzu SiTEC Series III engines, while inside the cab the generous appointments complemented by the digital audio visual unit with its big 6.2 inch touch screen and a host of features.

Finally, all Isuzu tippers are backed up by comprehensive Isuzu warranties and supported by the industry leading Isuzu Care program.

Isuzu Factory Tipper Range – Summary Specifications

NLR 200 Tipper: 2.0 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)    4,500/7,000
Engine    SiTEC Series III 150
110kW @ 2,800 rpm; 375Nm @ 1,600-2,800 rpm
Transmission    MYY-5T / MYY-6S-AMT

NLR 275 Tipper: 2.0 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)    5,500/8,000
Engine    SiTEC Series III 150
110kW @ 2,800 rpm; 375Nm @ 1,600-2,800 rpm
Transmission    MYY-5T

NLS 200 Tipper AWD: 2.1 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)    4,500/6,000 (off-road), 7,000 (on-road)
Engine    SiTEC SEries III 150
110kW @ 2,800 rpm; 375Nm @ 1,600-2,800 rpm
Transmission    MYY-5S

NPR 200/275 Tipper
GVM/GCM (kg)    4,500/8,000 (NPR 200), 5,500/9,000 (NPR 275)
Engine    SiTEC Series III 155
114kW @ 2,600 rpm; 419Nm @ 1,600-2,600 rpm
Transmission    MYY-6S

NPR 300/NPR 300 Crew Tipper: 3.0 m3 (single cab)/ 2.8 m3 (crew cab) capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)    6,500/10,000
Engine    SiTEC Series III 155
144kW @ 2,600 rpm; 419Nm @ 1,600-2,600 rpm
Transmission    MYY-6S

NPR 400 Tipper:  3.0 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)    7,500/11,000
Engine    SiTEC Series III 155
114kW @ 2,600 rpm; 419Nm @ 1,600-2,600 rpm
Transmission    MYY-6S

NQR 450 Tipper: 3.6 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)    8,700/12,200
Engine    SiTEC Series III 185
139kW @ 2,600 rpm; 510Nm @ 1,600-2,600 rpm
Transmission    MZZ-6F-AMT

FRR 500 Tipper: 3.8 m3 capacity
GVM/GCM (kg)    10,400/16,000
Engine    SiTEC Series III 205
151kW @ 2,600 rpm; 637 Nm @ 1,600 rpm
Transmission    MZW-6P / MZW-6P-AMT

*Once registered and insured.



The Harbor TradeMaster Service Body with Forklift Loadable Rack

This Harbor TradeMaster Service Body with a ForkLift Loadable Rack is mounted on a Ram  Quad Cab. This great combination will get a lot of work done and carry the crew in comfort.

There’s a Harbor Forklift Loadable Rack with over the quad cab protection. It’s built with rugged square /rectangular tubing.  The major share of the weight of the payload is borne by the body portion of the rack between the uprights. The portion over the cab provides support and reduces deflection of long loads such as pipe and conduit. You can see the load bar over the bed is higher than the side bar to allow the forklift forks to leave the load and exit.

The TradeMaster Body features Electro-Galvanized sheet metal construction and standard One-Hand Latch, Self-Opening Stainless Steel Lids with Two Gas Shocks. Lighter and stronger and rust free! (Aluminum Treadbrite overlay is available as an option). Matching Stainless Steel Gravel Guards are standard.  See all the features at www.htbi.net/truckbodies/trademasterservicebody.html

Let Harbor build one for you!  Visit our website and see more about Harbor Truck Bodies at www.htbi.net. Call Harbor at 800-433-9452.


Harbor 8' Service Body With RollTop and Drawers

John Turic shows off this great Harbor 8' Service Body mounted on a Ford F-250 chassis. This unit has a 3-piece Cargo Bed Enclosure (Rolltop), standard pop-out lock system, Master Locking System, and a couple of drawers in the front streetside compartment. See more about Harbor Truck Bodies at http://www.htbi.net, and more from Hansel Ford at http://www.HanselWorkTrucks.co


Future Ford - A Harbor Truck Bodies Dealer In Roseville, CA

Future Ford has a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers' needs. Feel free to browse our inventory online, request more information about vehicles, set up a test drive or inquire about financing! If you don't see what you are looking for, click on CarFinder, fill out the form, and we will let you know when vehicles arrive that match your search! Or if you would rather discuss your options with our friendly sales staff, click on Directions for interactive driving directions and other contact information.

We look forward to serving you!  Find us at: http://www.future-ford.com/index.htm

Future Ford Lincoln of Roseville
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Mark Your Calendar: Work Truck Show 2015 and 2016 Dates Announced

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI (July 28, 2014) — North America’s largest work truck event will return to Indianapolis, IN, where it has enjoyed sustained success over the past four years. NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry has committed to hosting The Work Truck Show® at the Indiana Convention Center through 2016.

The Work Truck Show® 2015
March 4–6, 2015
Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN
Educational programming, including the Green Truck Summit, begins March 3

The Work Truck Show® 2016
March 2–4, 2016
Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN
Educational programming, including the Green Truck Summit, begins March 1

“Our many successful years in Indianapolis have allowed us to expand The Work Truck Show in both size and scope,” says Steve Carey, NTEA executive director. “The trade show floor has grown each year the event has been held in the city, and the extensive slate of educational sessions has evolved to meet changing industry needs. In 2015, The Work Truck Show will provide attendees with the latest information needed to make their operations more efficient, capable and profitable.”

Each year, The Work Truck Show brings together more than 10,000 truck fleet managers, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, equipment buyers and maintenance personnel. It features more than 500,000 square feet of the newest vocational trucks, vans and equipment, ride-and-drives and opportunities to connect with other work truck industry professionals.

Registration for The Work Truck Show 2015 opens in October. For more information, visit www.ntea.com/worktruckshow or call 1-800-441-6832.

Connect with the NTEA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NTEA.TheAssociationForTheWorkTruckIndustry, and join the Work Truck Show conversation on Twitter at @WorkTruckShow and with the official hashtag: #wts15.

Established in 1964, NTEA, the Association for the Work Truck Industry, represents approximately 1,650 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories. Buyers of work trucks and the major commercial truck chassis manufacturers also belong to the Association. NTEA provides in-depth technical information, education, and member programs and services, and produces The Work Truck Show. The Association maintains its administrative headquarters in suburban Detroit and government relations offices in Washington, DC, and Ottawa, ON, Canada.

Editor’s Note: High-resolution photos from the The Work Truck Show 2014 are available for download in the online pressroom at www.ntea.com/worktruckshow/photoslogos/.


Unique Dump-Through Capability Available with Tommy Gate G2 Series Liftgates

The Tommy Gate G2 Series is a dual-cylinder, parallel-arm design which utilizes a pair of hydraulic cylinders to lower and raise the lift by applying direct power to both sides of the platform. G2 Series Lift-N-Dump models include all the same features and functions of other G2 Series liftgates, but also offer a unique dump-through capability to be used with dump bodies.

Capacity: 1600 lbs.

    Dual hydraulic cylinders
    Maintenance-free components
    Recessed control
    Larger platforms
    Fully-enclosed hydraulic system

Dual Drive Advantages

Dual-drive liftgates provide increased durability for rigorous cycling and have relatively low maintenance requirements. A paint-before-assembly process also increases the longevity of the lift's aesthetics.

Lift-N-Dump Features

    Dual hydraulic cylinders, like all G2 Series models.
    Lift-N-Dump models feature pins to lock the lift's platform in place when not in dump-through mode.
    Platform latch activates the liftgate's dump-through position.

G2 Series Features

    Dual hydraulic cylinders
    Maintenance-free components
    Recessed control
    Larger platforms
    Fully-enclosed hydraulic system

To find out more, you may call Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452.
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