Low Pro Dually Service Body Is Useful AND Looks Great!

I ran across this shot and just had to add it to the blog. I think it is a 2000 Ford 56" CA box delete chassis with a Harbor 9' Low Pro Service Body. This unit has a 2-pc cargo bed enclosure, master lock system, tapered material rack (used to be 1"x2" tubing like this, but now most are 2"x2" or 2"x3"), aluminum treadbrite lid covers, stainless steel vise bracket, and more. The chassis is an XLT uplevel trim with nice Alcoa aluminum wheels from the factory.

It is so rare to see low pro service bodies in dealer inventory and especially a dually low pro, but I gotta say that this truck is awesome! I think it works extremely well. It is also very nice to be something other than white. Here's to more low pro bodies!


Raised Cargo Bed Enclosure Can Be A Great Benefit

This is a rare unit to find in dealer stock, and so cool. The Raised Cargo Bed Enclosure is an excellent addition to make a service body much more useful. Think about a bedslide inside the bed to make reaching for a part or a tool a piece of cake. Notice the nice rack and rackstraps! This unit also has the Harbor Master Lock System and the Harbor pop-out locks--when the lock is unlocked the button is out so you can see that it is unlocked. When locked the button is in. Easy to see from a distance of 50' or more.

This particular unit is a 3-piece Cargo Bed Enclosure which opens up two thirds of the bed when you roll it back. In addition, it doesn't really roll anymore since over ten years ago, Harbor started using special teflon pads instead of ball bearings. Harbor's warranty issues went to zero since the teflon, but the best part is how easy it slides and how quiet it is, and it operates that way in virtually any weather conditions.

This is a 9' model mounted on a Ford F34 SRW chassis. This photo was taken at Future Ford of Concord in Concord, CA. Besides being extremely functional for a wide range of business applications, it looks gorgeous! One of the nicer looking bodies on the planet. Call Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452 or visit our website at www.htbi.net.


Rugby Steel Fold-Down Side Dump w/ Lift-n-Dump Liftgate




Harbor Truck Bodies sent me these shots of a Rugby 2-3 yard dump with fold-down sides and a Tommy Lift-N-Dump dumping liftgate. These shots really show off the usefulness of the liftgate and it doubles as a dumping tailgate when needed. This unit also has a tarp mounted in the cab guard and a hitch.

Let Harbor Truck Bodies build one for you! You can reach them at 800-433-9452 and visit our website at http://www.htbi.net


Maxon GPC - Made in USA

Maxon GPC Liftgate

Maxon’s GPC-series liftgates are the first North American-designed and manufactured cantilever-style gates. They provide high lifting capacity (to 4,400 lbs) with large platforms and exceptional stability for both trucks and trailers.

Stable and Secure

All of Maxon’s conventional liftgates offer exceptional stability and security, thanks to their ability to level the load on virtually any surface or terrain. Coupled with the convenience of potentially using the platform as the actual vehicle rear door and reliability that’s been proven internationally, they’re ideal for general freight handling where dock loading isn’t frequently required.

Designed, Built, and Serviced in North America

Maxon’s conventional cantilever-style liftgates are designed, built, and supported in North America, which means that after sales service, and parts are readily available when you need them. There’s no waiting for parts to come in from overseas, or wondering who will support the gate in the future.

Harbor Truck Bodies is an authorized Maxon dealer. Product Specs can be found at


Harbor Flatbed w/Steel Gates, HD Rack

Here's some photos of a nice flatbed with steel fold-down sides and swing-away rear gate system. This one was specially built for Mark Christopher Chevrolet. It also has a non-forklift loadable rack. Notice the center post when the two sides are folded down. That post is easily removed just by lifting it out, so this unit can easily be loaded from the side manually or with a forklift.

Did I mention it was also a nice looking unit? Looks like a great stock piece to me. Call Inside Sales at 800-433-9452 and visit our website at www.htbi.net.


Maxon Lift GPSLR Slider

Maxon level ride rear sliding lift model GPSLR. Available in 3300 and 4400 lbs. capacity. 60" deep x 86" wide platform or 51" deep x 86" wide platform.


Masterack from Harbor Truck Bodies

Here's a Masterack commercial van package with options that are useful, such as the commercial locking system adding an outside lock to the rear door in addition to the factory lock. Look also at the dual fold-down ladder rack with the conduit tube in the middle. Notice also the wire rack package and drawer units.

For all your Masterack needs, give Harbor Truck Bodies a call at 800-433-9452.


DuraRac® Shelving System by Masterack

GM Express/Savana

Ford E-Series

DuraRac® Shelving System - The DuraRac® Interior Shelving System lets you slide the entire storage system outside your vehicle for easy access. Your van's interior storage has never been used to efficiently! No crawling into the van on an unseen object or tool, pullout shelves bring everything within easy reach! Standard configuration includes three shelves that can be easily adjusted to fit your needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Commercial grade-drawer slides that extend fully. Heavy duty modular system.
  • Easily add shelves, drawers, and dividers.
  • Trade packages available for caterers, florists, parcel delivery, painters, and general contractors, call for details.
Give Harbor Truck Bodies a call at 800-433-9452 for more information.


Tommy Gate HD Railgate with 3,000 lb Capacity

Tommy Gate All-New Medium-Duty Railgate

Tommy Gate recently announced the release of an all-new 3,000lb capacity, high-cycle railgate for stake and van bodies.

An extension of Tommy Gate’s pre-existing product line of railgates, this new lift is the first Tommy Gate has produced at the 3,000lb capacity level.

Tommy Gate’s engineers specifically designed the 3,000lb railgate for applications performing high numbers of lifting cycles during daily use. These "high-cycle" requirements have called for the inclusion of a number of quality components such as machined steel rollers, dual-sealed ball bearings, hardenedsteel pulleys, and composite bushings. Incorporating these materials has created a steadier lifting action and reduced maintenance.

The new "high-cycle" rail is being offered with numerous standard features:
  • Class-exclusive safety trip bar provides additional operator protection
  • Self-close and auto-open cam arm creates hands-free platform open and closure
  • Steel rollers ensure consistency of motion
  • 12" platform taper eases transition from ground to platform
  • Three-light, incandescent light kit included
More than three years of design, development, and testing has been completed on the project, including fourteen months of intensive field testing. The extensive development period and focus on user feedback leads Tommy Gate to believe it has created an elite railgate for its class.

Tommy Gate is a 45-year-old, U.S.-based, hydraulic liftgate manufacturer, located in Woodbine, Iowa.

Harbor Truck Bodies is an authorized Tommy Gate dealer.


Sharp Harbor ComboMaster with Rear Hip Level Workbench

This sharp Harbor ComboMaster Service Body on a Chevy 4500 has a 36" platform floor extension that provides a wonderful hip-level work area. It has a rugged HD Forklift Rack with 3 over body removable supports along with the swing-away rear and headboard support to carry the heavy loads. This square /rectangular Forklift Loadable Rack has no posts in the way of the work area even though it still extends to the rear end.

The installation has durable Spayed-In Liner in the cargo space floor, walls and work platform area. The body has 10 Side Compartments including a tall Driver’s-Side Welding Gas Compartment, Top Compartments with Flip –Up Stainless Steel Lids, Slide Out/ Lock in Sliding Drawers, 6 Rear Facing Work Lights, a Heavy Duty Vice, and nice looking swing down 10” Apitong Rack Style Gates that stay with the truck and will not be left at the jobsite.

See more about Harbor Truck Bodies at http://www.htbi.net/.


Lit Up GMC 3500 with Harbor Flat Bed Body

Here's a sharp looking GMC 3500 with a Harbor flatbed. Looks great in the daylight and the LED Lights will light this body up at night. The Headboard has CNC or laser cut openings for great visibility with a galvanized solid steel lower section for maximum corrosion protection. The body has a treated wood floor and underbed boxes. This high quality flatbed that will last for years under all kinds of loads and uses

See more creations by Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea CA at http://www.htbi.net/, or call them at 800-433-9452.


Lots of Bling on this Harbor Trademaster Service Body with Cargo Bed Enclosure

Here is a Sharp Harbor Trademaster Service Body with Lockable Cargo Bed Enclosure, Aluminum Treadplate Sidebox Tops, a Chrome Treadplated Bumper and Ladder Rack mounted on a Single Rear Wheel Dodge with Nice Chrome wheels.

Harbor Truck Bodies offers standard TradeMaster Service Bodies for the 8' and 9' Single Rear Wheel truck models, along with 8', 9', 11' Dual Rear Wheel models. We also offer a 6.5' for HD short bed trucks and a 13' for longer wheelbase trucks. Since we manufacture this product, we can build bodies to specific needs, but the standardized models will be the most cost-effective generally. Below is a selection of photos to give you ideas.

Quality is the mantra at Harbor Truck Bodies--Quality Design and Quality Manufacture. Below is a list of standard features in all our TradeMaster bodies:

New standard Harbor Lock allows you to see if your doors are locked from a distance of over 50' and you lock them by pushing in the button without a key! Secure 3-Point Locking System with Teflon® rod guides and Automotive Quality water resistant locks with Double-Bit key is standard.

Standard One-Hand Latch, Self-Opening Stainless Steel Lids with Two Gas Shocks. Lighter and stronger and rust free! (Aluminum Treadbrite overlay is available as an option). Matching Stainless Steel Gravel Guards are standard. (Closed top models are standard steel and offer Aluminum Treadbrite as an option). Standard Gas Shock Door Stays on all vertical and horizontal upward opening doors.

Lock-Tight Shelving adjustable shelves lock into place preventing tools from dumping through off-road-like conditions.

Standard 8" Recessed Step Bumper with True V-Notch for sure footing and wider trailer angles. Standard Armless, Self-Supporting Tailgate for added work space and full 49" floor width to carry all standard materials.Weather Shield protection includes a one-piece neoprene door seal, beveled door edge and self-sealing Stainless Steel rivets help prevent leaks into compartments.

All Electro-Galvanized Sheet Metal Construction. Stainless Steel piano hinge and pin on Cargo Bed Enclosure door, Conduit Box door and Rear Access doors. All expanded metal parts Hot-Dip Galvanized. Rivets have all Stainless Steel casing and mandrel to prevent corrosion.

See more about Harbor Truck Bodies at http://www.htbi.net/.


Real People, Real Trucks, Harbor Truck Body, Brea, CA

Ken Lindt and Warren Mason of Harbor Truck Bodies (manufacturer of truck bodies) talk about how their family-owned business has worked with Ram Trucks to pool and house upfitted Ram vehicles and how the Ram trucks provide the most capability of any vehicle.


Nice 2-3 Yard Rugby Steel Dump On F350 Chassis With Frog Eyes Strobes

Okay, we're having a bit of fun with the title, but if you look at the first picture, maybe you'll see what we're talking about! Those amber lights at the top of the dump body do look a lot like frog eyes.

Here is a 2-3 yard capacity Rugby Steel Dump Body with Fold-Down Sides so it can be off loaded from the side, or used as a flatbed from time to time and loaded with a forklift. It has two underbed boxes and side boards and is painted white to match the truck. And, of course it has those custom mounted amber "frog eyes" to help people see a truck at work on the side of the road.

All this mounted on a Ford F350 chassis with 13,500 lb. GVWR. Nice setup. Let us build one for you! Call us at 800-433-9452 and visit our website at http://www.htbi.net/.