Maxon GPT Series Tuk-A-Way

The GPT Series Tuk-A-Way®

Maxon’s GPT series Tuk-A-Way is a truly integrated product that streamlines installation and cuts costs. With standard bolt-on extension plate and steps*, the large aluminum platform makes it ideal for almost every application including large carts or pallets. The Level Ride design keeps the driver and cargo stable and the lightweight aluminum finish will look great for years to come. This is why the GPT Series Tuk-A-Way® remains the #1 selling liftgate series in North America.

Lifting Capacities: 2,500 lbs. to 5,000 lbs.
Bed Heights: 46” – 55”
Weight: 1105 lbs. to 1,140 lbs.
Platform Material: Extruded Aluminum

Key Features: Bolt-On Extension Plate and Steps, Extruded Aluminum Platform, Potted Toggle Switch, Power Down & Power Tilt, Hydraulic Lock Valve, Recessed Platform Hinge and Greaseable Pins with Zerk Fittings on all major Pivot Points

MaxPro® Paint Process:
All Maxon liftgate products come standard with MaxPro® paint. MaxPro® is a state-of-the-art painting process that consists of stellar pre-treatment, an aluminum rich primer and an exclusive patented polyurea top coat.

Optional Galvanized
If you operate in tough winter conditions, you need maximum protection from the elements. Now, Maxon provides the industrial strength option of a fully galvanized GPT, for the longest gate life. This is an option for all GPT models.

Extruded Aluminum Platform
The lightweight , extruded all-aluminum platform design with recessed hinges provides a flat loading surface over the entire width of the platform. The platform features dual assist torsion springs that minimize the opening and closing force.

GPT bolt-on
Bolt-On Extension Plate and Steps Simply said, the bolt-on extension plate and steps is superior to the previous weld-on method for two main reasons: it overcomes corrosion issues induced by welding & repainting and it simplifies installation.

Cart Stops
Cart Stops are an available option in both single and dual versions. The new design features a simple locking pedal that allows the operator to activate the use of the cart stop(s) at the operator’s discretion.

Walk-Ramp Compatible
The GPTWR shares all the features and characteristics of the GPT, but is also compatible with a walk ramp. The walk ramp can be accessed without any movement of the gate.

Max On-Lock
By special order request (SOR) all GPTs can be ordered with the Max On-Lock kit which makes them compatible with the most common vehicle dock restraint systems.

For more information on our GPT model, please visit the Maxon website at http://www.maxonlift.com/products/tuk-a-way/gpt.

Harbor Truck Bodies is an authorized Maxon dealer.


Gooseneck Hitch by Blue Ox at NTEA Work Truck Show - 2012

Tom goes over the Diamond goose neck hitch by Blue Ox. See more at http://www.blueox.com or call- 402-385-3051


Sway Pro Hitch at NTEA Work Truck Show - 2012

Tom DeLong goes over the Blue Ox SwayPro hitch. Controls sway and weight control when towing. See more at http://www.blueox.com. or Call 402-385-3051


Nice Red Utilty Body at Platinum Chevrolet

Greg Martin, Commercial/Fleet Mgr at Platinum Chevrolet in Santa Rosa CA shows off a gorgeous red 2500HD with a Harbor Service Body with some very nice options such as power windows and door locks, power seat, tilt and cruise, LT1 package, 6.0 Gas V8, 6-speed automatic, and much more.

The Harbor Truck Bodies Service Body has some nice features with the optional power pop-out lock system, standard stainless steel lids, tapered leg forklift loadable rack, class IV receiver and trailer plug.

Platinum Chevrolet is located at 3001 Corby Ave, Santa Rosa CA 95407. Reach them at 707-525-1800. Call Greg Martin directly on his cell at 707-490-6881.

Check out their new blog at http://platinumcommercialtruck.blogspot.com


BedSlide 2012 Product Upgrades

What makes BEDSLIDE better? Watch as BEDSLIDE explains the new improvements to the 2012 BEDSLIDE Products.


NTEA Work Truck Show -2012

Pickuptrucks.com's Mark Williams heads to the 2012 Work Truck Show to see some of the unique vehicles.


Super Sharp Vortex Doors Harbor Service Body

Some like them plain and some like them to Bling! Here we captured a truck in final stages being built for Vortex Doors by Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea, CA. They have been buying trucks just like this for a lot of years and their trucks stand out of the crowd, for sure.

First off, they are low pro bodies, so the top of the service body lids is at about the bottom of the rear window, in this case it is 34" high. This is a hard working truck that has a rear (most seem to be in the front) compartment for short welder bottles and the compartment is vented and set up for this task (See it in action on the Vortex website at www.vortexdoors.com). The rack has RackStraps on both sides. Then, a stainless steel vise bracket to the back of the right compartment.

Now we come to the bling! Polished aluminum treadplate is attached to the standard stainless steel lids, and the cargo compartment and backwrappers are covered in the same shiny treadplate. Add to this an unusual, but gorgeous chrome rear bumper and you have one sweet looking truck. Of course, we cannot forget the silver metallic base coat, clear coat paint job! It's a knockout! I'm sure their strategy was more protection from scratched paint and rust, but the bling has other obvious benefits! See more beautiful hard working Harbor bodies at our website at www.htbi.net, or give us a call at 800-433-9452.


Slide-Down™ Ladder Racks

Ford E-Series

GM Express/Savana

Slide-Down Ladder Rack easily lowers ladders “within arms reach.”

•Actuator handle pivots the ladder to the side of the van for safe, efficient operation.

•Zinc plated and powder coated for maximum outdoor protection.

•All ladder contact areas are protected with vinyl covered stops and anti-skid strips.

•Includes padlock feature for security.

•Adjustable to fit different extension ladders.

Call Harbor Truck Bodies to order your drop down ladder rack. 800-433-9452


Aerodynamic Landscape Body

Here's a sort of very light duty chipper body with a low roof so that it won't hold too much weight in wood chips. It can also be used as a debris body or a landscaping body. Just another idea on the dump body that met a customers specific needs. We do custom!

Call Harbor at 800-433-9452, and visit their website at http://www.htbi.net/.


56" High Service/Utility Body With Cargo Bed Enclosure On SRW Truck

This is a functional beauty! This is a 56" tall Harbor Service/Utility Body mounted on a single rear wheel super cab truck. Though it is not designed to carry lead, it has considerable space for lighter weight items. The shelving is movable, so the space can be designed at will. In addition, this has a somewhat taller 19" tailgate, and a 3-piece Cargo Bed Enclosure, and a Stainless Steel Vise Bracket. Notice also that the horizontal compartment over the rear wheel is not vertical. All in all, this makes a sweet package.

Call Harbor at 800-433-9452, and visit their website at http://www.htbi.net/.


Rugby EZ-Latch

Rugby's patented and industry leading EZ-LATCH allows for easy body access. The latch system is designed for quick opening and slam lock operation with a cam action to draw-in upper tailgate pins.

Harbor Truck Bodies is a Rugby Distributor, let them build one for you! You can reach them at 800-433-9452 and visit our website at http://www.htbi.net