Harbor Hauler Body - For 5th Wheel or Goosneck Trailering

Harbor  Hauler Body - A beauty painted to match the cab

The Harbor Hauler Body. Whenever people are pulling trailers, they always seem to need stuff and then they need someplace to put the stuff and here is the solution. There is plenty of room for stuff in this body and it is specifically designed to make trailering with 5th wheel or gooseneck very easy and efficient.

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Class IV Receiver for Flatbed Dump and Landscape Dump Bodies

Class IV Receiver for Flatbed Dump and Landscape Dump Bodies

You can see the rugged well-braced construction of the Class IV Receiver Hitch in these photos. 

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Chipper Body With Wind Deflector!

This chipper body comes with a low roof so that it won't hold too much weight in wood chips and reduces the chance that chips will be blown away. It can also be used as a debris body or a landscaping body. Just another idea on the dump body that met a customers specific needs. We do custom!

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Harbor Workmaster - Plumber Body Video Presentation

Warren gives us a great presentation of the features of the Harbor Workmaster enclosed service utility body. Also know as a Plumber Body. See more at http://www.htbi.net


Harbor Contractor Body Demo Video

Warren Mason, Sales and Marketing Manager at Harbor Truck Bodies gives us a demonstration of the versatile Harbor Contractor Body.  See more at http://.www.htbi.net


9 Ft Trademaster with Rear Cab Shield – Chevy Crew Cab

Here’s an option that you don’t see very often. It’s a cab shield mounted on a Harbor Trademaster Service Body on a Chevy Crew Cab. This customer chose to add a shield that extends to the full width of the body. The shield is made from heavy expanded metal and affords protection from cargo continuing forward during fast and emergency stops and incidents. Notice that the frame is made from square tubing and is well reinforced and braced and includes ties downs and upright ladder guides or stops. It also includes a cutout to give clear view of the cab mounted stop light.

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Traverse Compartment With Slide Out Drawer - A Choice For Harbor Service Bodies

Here is a shot of a transverse compartment with a slide out drawer. This type of compartment is so useful in many ways for many different businesses.

This compartment goes from one side through the body to the backside of the compartment on the opposite side of the body, so the drawer only slides out one way. This makes for a nice long drawer and you still have the original functional compartment on the other side. It is available all the way through the body and have the drawer go out either side at any time and that would be pretty useful too. In this case, the long drawer comes out on the safer curbside of the truck rather than the streetside. It is probably the best scenario for that reason.

This is an 8' unit on an uplevel GM chassis and also has two different design ladder racks installed. These shots were courtesy of Greg Hoffner of Refrigeration Services Unlimited of Anaheim, CA who does Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning as well as Ice Makers. They are in Southern California and their phone number is 714-281-7359.

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Features Galore! - Explained in Harbor Trademaster Service Body Video

Warren Mason, Sales and Marketing Manager at Harbor Truck Bodies gives us a great demonstration of the Harbor Trademaster Service Body. See more at http://www.htbi.net


Harbor Cargo Bed Enclosures With Barn Doors or Tailgate

Harbor offers the 2 and 3 piece Cargo Bed Enclosures and two choices for access to the enclosed cargo bed area. 

Cargo Bed Enclosures are very popular options that help keep cargo in the bed area out of sight and secure. They are available in 2-piece for 8' and 9' bodies and that opens up approximately 50% of the bed area when the top is pushed all the way rearward and the 3-piece for the 8' and larger bodies that opens up approximately 66% of the bed area. The 3-piece Enclosure is available as a Raised Enclosure with barn doors on the rear for the secured transport of taller items.

The 3 piece Enclosure choices for access are Rear Barn Doors or the Tailgate design. The choice may be governed by the load when loading or unloading normal cargo such as equipment or tools. For example, heavy loads may be set into the bed area with the barn doors open and not risk damage to the tailgate. On the other hand perhaps longer loads would be better supported with an open tailgate.

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Harbor Vertical Series vs. Horizontal Series Service Bodies

What is the difference between the Harbor Vertical and Horizontal Series Service Bodies?

The vertical series has a vertical door in the rear and the horizontal door over the wheel . The horizontal series has the horizontal door over the wheel that extends to the rear of the body. Below that is a small square compartment door.

The horizontal series is a no-charge option and is available on either side or both sides. Some customers have long tools that store perfectly in this horizontal compartment.

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12' Harbor Contractor Body on 2012 Chevy Dually at Platinum Chevrolet

Greg Martin, Commercial Truck Manager at Platinum Chevrolet in Santa Rosa CA shows us a 2012 Chevy Dually Chassis with the DuraMax diesel and Allison automatic transmission in a regular cab. This heavy duty chassis has a 12' Harbor Contractor Body mounted on it with 8' upper bed boxes with stainless steel open top lids like a service body, underbed boxes, short fold-down solid gates around the rear, a load divider, tapered headboard, tapered HD forklift loadable rack, and a class IV receiver. All of that in a package is called a Contractor Body and it is a cost effective way to take tools and carry gear and materials to job sites. To see more go to http://PlatinumChevyTruck.NET, or call Greg at 707-525-1800 for more information.