The Contractor II Gives More Room In The Same Space

The Harbor 12' Contractor II Body is different from our regular Contractor Body in that the 8' upper bed tool box has been replaced by two boxes, one tall with vertical doors and the other a more typical upper bed box. This gives a great deal more storage in the same space and just makes the Contractor Body much more useful. Consider the Contractor II Body for your next Contractor Body needs.

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Real People, Real Trucks - Brea, California

Ken Lindt and Warren Mason of Harbor Truck Bodies (manufacturer of truck bodies) talk about how their family-owned business has worked with Ram Trucks to pool and house upfitted Ram vehicles and how the Ram trucks provide the most capability of any vehicle.


Get Our Great Harbor Body in the Color of Your Choice!

Here's a small sampling of some of our famous Harbor Service Bodies mounted on some sweet, loaded up chassis and painted to match. These owners personalizing their truck to their preferences so they can do some work when they aren't enjoying their truck!

At Harbor, we offer color painting so you can have your perfect truck! Give us a call at 800-433-9452 and we can get you a quote!


Announcing Joseph Pursley, New Inside Sales Employee

Harbor Truck Bodies would like to announce Joseph Pursley as a new employee. Joseph will be added to our inside sales/parts team. We welcome Joseph aboard and look forward to his helping us take even better care of our customers.

You can reach Joseph Pursley at 800-433-9452, extension 280.


Transverse Compartment Can Make All the Difference

This is a special Transverse Compartment in the front compartment of an 11' Harbor Service Body. In this case the space is opened up to go across the bed are to the back of the opposite compartment on the other side of the service body. You could also go all the way through if that was needed. Notice how the shelf that lines up with the floor is a permanent steel shelf welded in place and the additional shelves are removable and movable.

The value of the Transverse Compartment is to give more space that can be locked and secured. You lose a bit of the front of the cargo area, but we think you'll agree that it is a very worthy trade-off. This is not an expensive option and Harbor does them all the time in various ways on a number of Harbor products. This is just one of the many modification we can make to our standard products inexpensively to make them more useful for your business.

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Raised Front Service Body Compartments Can Be Great Advantage

Sometimes we need more space and adding raised front compartments can be just the thing. In this case, there are two 60" raised front compartments. Often, we call this a welder body and the welder body comes standard with one raised compartment that is vented and typically used for gas bottle storage. This one does not have the vents and so is used for normal storage with shelving. Based on the design, you can carry some pretty large things or a bunch of parts for offsite jobs, etc.

In addition, this one also has a rear window protector built in and has a Tommy Gate liftgate to make lifting larger or heavier items easily into or out of the bed area. You can also add a rack, master lock system, vise bracket and much more to personalize it for your needs.

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The Harbor Highliner Service Body For Tilt-Cab

Here's the Harbor Highliner Service Body. This body is essentially a standard height closed top service body with a set of boxes added on top with upward opening doors to make it easy to access that additional storage. This gives plenty of room in the lower compartments for larger items and a huge amount of space for smaller items above.

The Highliner body here is shown on a tilt-cab truck without a rack and is also available on conventional chassis models with or without a rack. In addition, other accessories are still available such as the Harbor Master Locking System, Stainless Steel Vise Bracket, HD Slide-out drawers, and more.

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Harbor 8' Service Body On New Dodge Chassis

Here's a great combination--a Harbor 8' Service Body with standard Stainless Steel Open Top Lids, a Tapered Leg Material Rack mounted on a new Dodge chassis. SWWWEEEEEETTTT!


Maxon Lift GPSLR Slider

www.maxonlift.com Maxon level ride rear sliding lift model GPSLR. Available in 3300 and 4400 lbs. capacity. 60" deep x 86" wide platfrom or 51" deep x 86" wide platform.


Red Service Body At Platinum Chevrolet

Greg Martin, Commercial/Fleet Mgr at Platinum Chevrolet in Santa Rosa CA shows off a gorgeous red 2500HD with a Harbor Service Body with some very nice options such as power windows and door locks, power seat, tilt and cruise, LT1 package, 6.0 Gas V8, 6-speed automatic, and much more.

The Harbor Truck Bodies Service Body has some nice features too with the optional power pop-out lock system, standard stainless steel lids, tapered leg forklift loadable rack, class IV receiver and trailer plug.

Platinum Chevrolet is located at 3001 Corby Ave, Santa Rosa CA 95407. Reach them at 707-525-1800. Call Greg Martin directly on his cell at 707-490-6881.

Check out their new blog at http://platinumcommercialtruck.blogspot.com


Tommy Gate Introduces Its New Cantilever Series Liftgate

Tommy Gate is proud to announce the launch of its Cantilever Series, the all-new hydraulic lift specifically designed for commercial panel vans, including the Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER, Nissan NV, and Chevy EXPRESS.

Attendees at the 2011 NTEA Work Truck Show saw an early demo of the Tommy Gate Cantilever and a few prototypes have been in various stages of testing around the country for the past several months. However, the factory production lines have just recently been completed at Tommy Gate’s manufacturing plant in Woodbine, Iowa.

Tommy Gate’s engineering team has been developing the new lift for over two years and designed the Cantilever Series with a focus on operator safety and functional reliability. The numerous features included create a hydraulic lift that is not only state-of-the-art and aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional and surprisingly convenient:

  • bolt-on installation eliminates welding
  • large, aluminum platform is corrosion-resistant and pallet-jack compatible
  • lift controls have been carefully placed to ensure operator safety
  • laterally-folding platform allows access to rear of vehicle when not in use
  • standard cart stops and internal bridge mounts make the lift extremely cart-friendly
Tommy Gate is a 45-year-old, U.S.-based, hydraulic liftgate manufacturer, located in Woodbine, Iowa.

Find a distributor by using Tommy Gate’s Distributor Locator at http://www.tommygate.com/ or email marketing@tommygate.com for more info.