Harbor Service Body Dump Liner With Rugby Hoist

Here’s a nice red truck modified by North Bay Truck Body. This is an 8' Harbor Truck Bodies standard height Service Body with flat stainless steel lids capped with aluminum treadplate including capped on the ends. They added a fabricated dump liner with a Rugby hoist. The  body also includes a custom cab protector, class IV receiver, stainless steel vise bracket, and a North Bay Truck Body custom forklift loadable rack with an expanded metal shield and cab screen at the front of the rack for carrying wheelbarrows along with Rack Straps.

The body was painted in a base coat/clear coat finish to match the cab as closely as possible.


A Nice Harbor ComboMaster for the Isuzu Low Cab Forward

Here's the ComboMaster Body from Harbor Truck Body. It is a Utility/Service Combination Service Body where the last 2' compartment has been deleted and replaced with a 3' floor level work platform with a small compartment on either side.
Customers find this body extremely useful--especially in the field where they can use the work platform to provide workspace to get things done. It is a great height for that purpose as well and the work area is much lower than it would be using the back of a Contractor Body or Flatbed. When mounted on a Isuzu Low Cab Forward, it’s not only low but it turns a tight radius like a regular cab pickup truck.
The rack is standard equipment and is available in Forklift-Loadable or Non Forklift-Loadable designs. The rack has in recent years been redesigned to have no vertical bars in the work area for maximum effectiveness, yet still have the overall length of the old design rack. The ComboMaster is a great choice for a wide variety of business uses.

See more of Harbor's body building at www.htbi.net.


Egg Crate Dividers For Your Small Parts - Nice!

The egg crate dividers in the horizontal compartment in this welders body allow for the storage of a variety of small parts. With the egg crate dividers the six 3 inch roll out drawers have 20 bins each, totaling 120 bins for fittings, terminals or other small parts. Easy to organize and easy to access and retrieve your parts. The side by side drawers allow for access to many parts at the same time.

The drawers lock into place individually and are secured by the outside horizontal door.


9 Foot Harbor Service Body With All The Bells and Whistles!

Here’s a nice video demo of a recent arrival at Larry Geweke Ford, a 9 foot Harbor Service Body mounted on a Ford F350 Super Cab 4 x 4. This body includes some nice features including a HD forklift loadable rack, a remote control power locking system, standard stainless steel lids, and spray-in Line-X Brand Bed Liner. See their website at www.geweketrucks.com.


Its A Hybrid Harbor Service Body!

Here’s a Harbor Hybrid Body, it might be called a Service Body but it starts with a 12' flatbed with diamond plate steel floor, then a series of three large compartment boxes are added to each side welded together. The upper boxes have shelves and there are underbody boxes with more storage.

Notice the full length rack that extends to the front bumper for full support to carry extra-long items with expanded metal at the front functioning as a stop. There is a short work platform on the rear with a unique set of open steel boxes underneath the rear.  It’s mounted on a Ford F350 with 84" CA chassis.

See more of Harbor's body building at www.htbi.net.


Lift-N-Dump Gate - Meter Out and Lift Up!

Here’s a combination gate that allows a dump body gate to meter out the flow of materials while dumping and also to lift other materials up into the body!

The Tommy Gate Lift N Dump platform offers the functionality of a liftgate while allowing users to also use it as a dump-through tailgate.

The G2 Liftgate Series is available with a dual-drive system. It has dual hydraulic cylinders, one on each side of the platform, ensuring a stable, even and smooth lift for your cargo. And with 1600 lbs. capacity, 50” of vertical travel and newly designed platform latches, this G2 model is sure to satisfy those looking for the most powerful and reliable dump body liftgate available.
See more on the specs of this great product at www.tommygate.com/. Let us help you choose the best liftgate for your new Harbor Body, give us a call at 800-433-9452.


BEDSLIDE - Many Choices For Your Truck!

BEDSLIDE now offers 5 models of BED SLIDE Cargo Trays. Choose the BEDSLIDE that is right for you. The BEDSLIDE is the best truck bed accessory to help access tools and equipment


The Harbor Highliner - Storage Space Up High!

Start with a Service Body and add a set of boxes on top with doors that pivot upward; its easy to see inside the boxes that way! Built by Harbor Truck Bodies and called the HighLiner Body, many have been built for Southern California Edison and are also marketed to anyone who can use that extra space. Nice solution for more storage!


A Harbor CraneMaster/WeldMaster Combo Body - Ready For Work!

Here’s a great looking Harbor CraneMaster/WeldMaster Combo Body mounted on a Ford F550 with lots of extra equipment and features.

This unit is mounted on a long wheelbase F550 and the body is set back from the cab to allow for the mounting of a welding machine and a hose reel. Notice that the welder can be slid out from the carrying position to provide better access to the cables and perhaps to maintain or work on it. The reel system is mounted on the right side of the chassis. This body has the 3 piece cargo space enclosure. Notice the rear barn doors.

The Harbor Truck Bodies CraneMaster is a standardized body that starts as a Harbor TradeMaster Service Body. The right rear compartment includes special reinforcing for the mounting of a crane.

This crane is the Venturo ET25KX, 25,000 ft*lbs with 5,000 lb lifting capacity, electric winch, elevation, rotation and extension. Other options are the ET6KM, ET6KR (2,200 Lb Capacity) and the ET10K and ET10KX (3,200 Lbs Capacity). This unit has the outriggers installed at the rear corners to provide stability while lifting heavy loads and with the boom rest. The Harbor CraneMaster can be modified as any Service Body by adding a Raised Compartment or other helpful options.

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Harbor Contractor Body Steels The Show!

Here’s a nice Ford Dually with a Harbor Contractor Body with the new steel fold-down gates. The hinged steel gates allow painting to match the body and are made from durable steel construction.

Harbor Truck Bodies Contractor Body have become an extremely popular body and for good reason. The Harbor Contractor Body starts out as a flatbed and then we add tool boxes, a rack, short gates, load divider, clean looking tapered headboard and even a hitch and plug, all standard equipment.
Notice the nice forklift loadable rack on this truck. Notice the hefty square tubing, the removable rear bar and that there is no vertical posts in the rear, leaving a clear open workspace.
 There are now a number of variations on the original 12' Contractor. The 10' has become a very good seller especially on Super Cab and Crew Cab trucks thereby keeping the overall length manageable. 
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Harbor 14' Saw Body Hauls Like A Freight Train!

The Harbor Saw Body has become a favorite with Concrete Cutting contractors and it is as functionally effective as it is good looking. Notice the huge locking compartments to keep large saw blades and other gear out of the weather and out of sight. The full-size conventional lift gate serves two purposes, one being the obvious one to lift the equipment onto the bed area and the other to provide a backstop to secure the equipment in place and prevent it from rolling off the back of the bed! See more Saw Bodies at http://www.htbi.net/truckbodies/sawbody.html

Visit our website at www.htbi.net for more information or call Harbor at 800-433-9452.


Harbor Short Bed, Low Profile Service Body On Dodge Quad Cab

Here’s one you don’t see very often. This is a 6.5' Short Bed Low Profile Harbor Trademaster Service Body mounted on a Dodge SRW Quad Cab. Notice from the rear we can see an optional 19" full height solid tailgate and the heavy duty expanded metal cab protector. This combination gives great protection for the cargo and the cab and occupants. Whether for commercial use or RV applications, Harbor Truck Bodies builds great service bodies for HD short bed trucks. See more at www.htbi.net.


A Harbor Super Duty Plumbers Body for Orange County Plumbing

This Harbor WorkMaster was built for Orange County Plumbing and what a great work truck inside and out! Mounted on a HD SuperDuty Ford Dually Crew Cab, there will be no problem getting the full crew to the jobsite!

When they are ready to work, notice the way they have stored the stepladders on the roof rack extension over the cab. And when you open up the rear doors you will see the massive storage space available for all their tools, equipment and parts.

Inside handles provide help to access the body interior. Don't miss the small jib crane mounted on the left to lift heavy parts and equipment into the rear. Notice in particular, the nice wide well-spaced shelving allows plenty of room for hefty tools and supplies on the passenger side and bins for small parts on the driver’s side and front.  

Shovels are easily retrieved from storage in the rear door mounted vertical pipes. Cables are stored on the door mounted "J" Hooks. The interior is well lit up with three overhead florescent style lights.

Access to the sky-high roof level is accessible by a rear mounted ladder on the driver’s side. Also, the pipe can be stored and retrieved through the small access door on upper right side. See the beefy step bumper and the vice bracket on the right side also.

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Gas When You Need It – Oxy- Acetylene That Is!

Here’s a feature you don’t see every day! It’s a cabinet for the horizontal storage of oxy-acetylene bottles. This transverse compartment design from Harbor allows the bottles to lay down and be completely out of the way while preserving compartment availability. Or, in this case there is bottle brackets and rings for the storage of verticle bottles as well. The gas hoses are kept rolled up and ready with the two beefy “J” Hooks.
Need a little custom touch? See more about Harbor Truck Bodies at www.htbi.net, or call 1-800-433-9452 and our team will be happy to create the spaces you need for your business. 


The Harbor Forklift Loadable Rack - Its Square!

Here’s the square /rectangular Forklift Loadable Rack with over cab protection. Its on a Ford SuperDuty Crew Cab with a sharp Harbor ComboMaster Service Body. See how the side rails are lower than the cross bars so that the load is supported and the forks can be easily retracted. It has removable / swing-away cross bars. Notice that it has no posts in the way of the work area even though it still extends to the rear end.  The 36" platform floor extension provides a great hip-level work area.

See more about Harbor Truck Bodies at www.htbi.net.


Black on Black With a Rack! Who Says Work Trucks Can't Be Beautiful?

It’s a Chev Crew Cab Dually with a Harbor Trademaster Service / Utility Body. There’s nothing quite as impressive as a black beauty like this one; the Trademaster service body and the Beefy Harbor Rectangular Rack with over the cab extension for carrying lengthy pipes or conduit, etc. all painted to match the cab. Also notice the fine chromed covers for the top tray lids, and the chromed step for easy cab entry, nice final touches indeed!

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