One Sweeeet Body! And Big Too!


Here’s a Truck we built a couple of years ago. It’s a beauty mounted on a light brown metallic GMC 5500 Crew Cab, the Harbor 56" closed top body is enhanced with the addition of a 3-piece raised cargo bed enclosure. What do you suppose they put in there? Whatever they want, I'm sure since there is a ton of room in there. A couple of custom vise mounts, some fold-up steps mounted to the end panels, oversize tailgate, and a forklift loadable rack. Then we get around to the side and see all those beautiful HD drawers! I love drawers in service bodies. The unit also has Harbor's Master Lock System and 2-stage matching paint including inside the compartments.

This is a serious truck with a total luxury feel. It's a truck any serious contractor could love. Let us build one that is perfect for your business!

Visit our website at www.htbi.net or call Harbor at 800-433-9452.


A Great Combination - Dodge Quad Cab Dually With a 9 Foot Harbor Service Body And Forklift Rack

This Dodge 3500 Quad Cab Dually with a 9' Harbor Service Body with a Forklift Loadable Rack, and a Class IV Receiver makes a great combination. This will get a lot of work done and carry the crew in style and comfort. Let Harbor build one for you!


Commercial Truck Sales Up 28% in May

Jun 14, 2012 2:34 PM
Retail sales of Class 3-8—the truck classes most often used in commercial applications--grew by 28% in May, according to figures compiled by Wards Information Products.
Truck dealers sold 51,839 Class 3-8 trucks during the month, compared with 40,570 sold during May 2011. Sales also finished 15% above those of April 2012.
Through the first five months of 2012, sales of Class 3-8 trucks totaled 230,198 vehicles, up 26% from the corresponding period of 2011.


Rugby And Harbor Truck Bodies - A Great Combination!

Harbor Truck Bodies has been selling Rugby Steel Dumps and Rugby Hoists all along. Their quality is second to none and that fits well with our own philosophy. The experience in the field backs it up. Our customers love this product.

Here is a list of standard features: 1) All our Harbor dump beds come standard with the best hoist for the application, a sub-frame for the hoist, electric double acting pump, body-up light on dash. 2) The Harbor Steel Dump body is made of 10 guage high grade steel with double wall sides and 10 guage high grade steel ends and floor with fully boxed top rail and 6" wide vertical side braces. Corners have radius bends. 1" diameter top and bottom hinge pins. 3" Structural steel crossmembers, 5" structural channel longitudinal. 1/4 cab shield. 3) The famous Rugby EZ-LATCH™ Tailgate 4) We sell the 2-3 yard for the 60" CA and 84" CA chassis and the 3-4 yard for the 60" and 84" CA chassis.

All steel dumps are available with several options such as 1/2 cab shield and fold-down sides, Shur-Lok™ Easy Off Tarp and much more.


The Kerins Multi-Hitch

The Multi-Hitch is the original design for all combination hitches used throughout the world today. Started in the early 1970's, the Multi-Hitch combines the more commonly used trailer ball hitches with the more industrial pintle hitch system. The hitch resulted in cost savings, increased safety, performance, ease of use and appearance. Even today, manufacturing methods and packaging are being changed to bring you a more cost effective and attractive product.


Is It A Chipper Body Or Something Else?

This low roof body is built so that it won't hold too much weight in wood chips. It can also be used as a debris body or a landscaping body. Just another idea on the dump body that met a customers specific needs. We do custom!


1600 lb Tommy Gate on 12' Harbor Stakebed

Here is a Ford Superduty with a Harbor 12 Foot Stakebed with a 1600 pound Tommy Gate Lift Gate. What a great way to be able to lift heavy cargo into the stakebed. A great combination!


The Harbor MasterLock System

The Harbor Truck Bodies MasterLock System is an internal locking bar for additional security of your valuable cargo. You may have seen a long bar and a padlock on some bodies. It is unsightly, but secure. The Harbor MasterLock System achieves the same objective but is on the inside where no one can see it, and it does not use a padlock but the same key as the service body, so you don't have to look around for a different key. You get convenience, great looks and the additional security that gives you peace of mind.

The security is great, but the best feature of the Harbor MasterLock System is the convenience of it. Most people who use a service body, Combo body or WorkMaster are carrying tools and parts and going from one job to the next. Many times you come out to the service body, unlock the compartment and get a tool or two, then lock the compartment, open another compartment and get a part or something and then lock that compartment, go into the job and get to work. Then you come out and do it again and again throughout the day. With the Harbor MasterLock System, you can leave all the side doors unlocked all day and just unlock the MasterLock get what you need and push the button in on the Harbor MasterLock and you're done and your stuff is secure. Isn't that great! No more locking and unlocking all those doors all day long. Then at the end of the day, go ahead and lock all the doors for the added security of being double locked.

No wonder Harbor MasterLock System is one of our most popular options! Once you have it, you will never go back to the old way.


The Harbor Animal Control Body

This is an animal control body by Harbor Truck Bodies. It is essentially a highly modified service body with various size compartments for different size animals, plenty of ventilation and temperature control, which is especially important in the heat of the sun during most of the year in Southern California where this unit is in use by the City of Fontana.

As you can see by the photographs, it has special doors, expanded metal and solid metal partitions, vented panels, through compartments for larger animals, interior lighting, special coolers and exhaust ventilators, strobe lights, all LED exterior lighting, and this also has a Tommy Gate 1,000 lb liftgate.

Yes, Harbor Truck does custom. Just give a call to 800-433-9452 from anywhere in the USA and we will be happy to help you create the ultimate body for your needs. Also visit http://www.htbi.net/ to see a wide range of bodies that Harbor Truck Bodies manufactures or distributes.


Can't Miss With The TeleSwivel Hitch System

Towing is a big part of life—at work or play. However, hooking up a trailer is hard—a lot harder than it needs to be. In fact, your trailer is probably costing you! With a TeleSwivel® brand hitching system, you are on the road faster, doing what you want to do. Whether you connect several different trailers many times a day, or just once on the weekend, reduce your Total Cost of Trailering™ with TeleSwivel® brand proximity hitches.


Harbor Offers Over Cab Rack Shield


An option for most truck racks is an Over Cab Rack shield protecting the truck cab from debris and loose cargo. Notice the perforated metal headboard allowing visibility to the rear of the truck and the expanded / perforated metal over cab protection. This feature would protect the cab from pipes and conduit or other long cargo that might deflect and cause damage during over- the-road deliveries.


Our Chevrolet Truck Pool Locations

Chevy Commercial Trucks info: www.chevrolet.com/commercial/

Chevy Business Central: www.chevrolet.com/businesscentral/

Chevy Medium Duty:www.chevrolet.com/mediumduty/

Chevrolet Truck Pool Locations:

255 Voyager Ave, Brea CA 92810 - Harbor Headquarters and Main Manufacturing Plant

New location:

10315 16th St E, Edgewood WA 98372 - Harbor Satellite Upfit and Fabrication Facility in association with The Fab Shop. www.thefabshop.com.


Harbor Service Body Tailgate Options

Many manufacturers offer taller tailgates than the standard. You don't see them very often, but I think if more prospects knew of it as an option, there would be more to see.

This is an example of a 19" optional tailgate on a body built by Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea, CA. There are some shots here of it closed and laying down. This particular body happens to have a raised cargo bed enclosure as well as a horizontal series on the curbside. Of course, Harbor is famous for their standard Stainless Steel lids.

Contact Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452 and visit the website at www.htbi.net.



Emergency medevac across hostile terrain twice the size of Texas in subzero temperatures requires a truck that performs every time at a moment's notice. With lives on the line, the professionals of LifeMed Alaska choose Super Duty in a heartbeat. See how they overcome whiteouts, record snowfall and weeks where the temperature never climbed above --20 degrees F during Alaska's worst winter in 60 years.


Demonstration of the Maxon BMRA 16 inch - 3 position ramp.