Harbor 12 Foot Landscaper Body on Izuzu NPR For Tight Turns

Here's a Harbor Truck Bodies standard 12' Landscape Dump body which is always a good choice for landscapers and other jobbers alike. What also works well is that this is mounted on an Isuzu NPR chassis that only has a wheelbase of 109". Now, to put that into perspective, the wheelbase on a Chevy Corvette is 106". So, this truck handles a 12' Landscape Dump Body and actually turns and maneuvers like a Corvette. Just think of the places and construction sites you can get in and out of so easily with this sweet combination and getting the loads in and out as well.

See more of Harbor's great bodies at http://www.htbi.net/, or call Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452.


Perhaps a Short Service Body Is The Answer

Many do not know, so we will let it out: Harbor Truck Bodies builds a 6.5' short bed service body and it looks great on the truck. Call Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452 and visit the website at www.htbi.net.


A-OK - One Key System Makes Life Simpler

Harbor Truck Bodies announces a wonderful option for our service body and tool box products: The A-OK Lock System, or the All One Key Lock System. This is a new lock cylinder of high quality components manufactured by Bolt Locks, part of Strattec. These locks are also available in padlock form and the video below shows how those operate. The locks shown above operate in the same way. Once the ignition key is inserted and twisted, the lock remembers only that key and then you can use your ignition key for all the locks on the service/utility body. Think how great it will be to only need to use that one key for your truck and all the doors on the service body! No more fumbling for the right keys.

Call Harbor at 800-433-9452 for more information on this exciting option--the A-OK Lock System.


NTEA Video Highlights of the 2012 Work Truck Show

The Work Truck Show®, produced annually by the NTEA, is the work truck industry's "must-attend" event, featuring: • 500,000 square feet of vocational trucks and equipment • Newest products and technical support from more than 560 exhibitors • More than 60 intensive programs on upfitting, regulatory compliance and business management Mark your calendar for The Work Truck Show 2013! March 6-8, 2013 at the Indiana Convention Center (Indianapolis, IN).


Nice 12 Foot Saw Body with Interlift Liftgate!

Heres a nice 12 foot saw body with plenty of cabinets and backed up with an Interlift lift gate. The liftgate serves two purposes, one being the obvious one to lift the equipment onto the bed area and the other to provide a backstop to secure the equipment in place and prevent it from rolling off the back of the bed!

Visit our website at http://www.htbi.net and call Harbor at 800-433-9452.


The Harbor 12' Flatbed With Some Tasty Storage Boxes

This is a Harbor Flatbed with some great and large storage boxes headboard high mounted at the headboard leaving the majority of the bed for transient gear. This Harbor manufactured flatbed has a wood deck and these boxes have a unique full-size door and has a lot of shelving space to carry plenty of tools and other gear where ever it needs to go.

Visit our website at http://www.htbi.net and call Harbor at 800-433-9452.


Long Contractor Forklift Rack On 2012 Crew Cab Dodge

This Forklift Loadable Rack is very long, extending over the length of the crew cab. The major share of the weight of the payload is borne by the body portion of the rack between the uprights. The portion over the cab provides support and reduces deflection of long loads such as pipe and conduit.

Notice no upper bar on the side and looks like goal posts. You can see the load bar over the bed is higher than the side bar to allow the forklift forks to leave the load and exit.

Visit our website at http://www.htbi.net and call Harbor at 800-433-9452.


It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A Saw Body!

This is an interesting combination of things that Harbor Truck Bodies calls a Saw Body. Designed for concrete cutters, it looks like a service body on the side, yet this is, as shown in the photos, a flatbed frame with things added to it, such as, tall storage compartments and smaller compartments on the side along with a metal wall frame. Inside this is an optional enclosed section sporting a 3-piece cargo enclosure, shown open and closed, and of course doors on the rear that are lockable. Closing up the entire rear area is an Interlift ILK Compact Cantilever liftgate doing double duty as a liftgate to raise and lower heavy saws while acting as an effective rear door.

How interesting to take a flatbed and create a whole new kind of body. It's a hybrid!


Lo-Pro Body on a Single Wheel Chevy with a Superstructure Enclosure -Nice!

Here is an 8 foot Lo-Pro Body on a Chevy with a Superstructure Enclosure that provides protection from the weather and secure storage of tools and equipment. This unit was built for SPIVECO Roadside Services, a family owned and operated company that is contracted with AAA of Washington and proudly serving the Greater Puget Sound Region.

Notice the lockable barn doors, the four open 8 foot shelves protected in the interior and the light proving interior illumination.

When this unit pulls up to service breakdowns, it will contain all the tools and equipment to get the job done!

Call Harbor at 800-433-9452 and visit our website at http://www.htbi.net/.


Egg Crate Dividers In Welders Body Roll-Out Drawers - Nice!

The egg crate dividers in the horizontal compartment in this welders body allow for the storage of a variety of small parts. With the egg crate dividers the six 3 inch roll out drawers have 20 bins each, totaling 120 bins for fittings, terminals or other small parts. Easy to organize and easy to access and retrieve your parts. The side by side drawers allow for access to many parts at the same time.

The drawers lock into place individually and are secured by the outside horizontal door. Notice the heavy duty bumper with the pintle hook, the chain loops and the square receiver for a trailer ball. The rear mounted handles allow for entry into the bed area. Notice the vice bracket mounted on the passenger side.

Call Inside Sales at Harbor Truck Bodies at 800-433-9452 and visit our website at http://www.htbi.net.


List of Independent Harbor Truck Body Distributors

Independent Distributors

Here is a list of our Distributors who are independent companies distributing Harbor products and setting their own pricing. They can be a great source for end users who already have a truck but need a body, for warranty work, or for a miriad of modifications to existing bodies.

California Distributors
Best Truck Body
610 Standard Ave
Windsor CA 95492
707-838-1440 Main
707-838-9561 Fax
Russ Moreci

Nor Cal Truck Bodies
141 Hellman Ln
Cotati CA 94931
707-665-0202 Main
707-665-0203 Fax
Idaho Distributors

Cobalt Truck Equipment
Corporate Office
345 W Karcher Rd
Nampa ID 83687
800-733-0342 Main
208-887-7794 Fax
Steve B Higley, Op Mgr
Paul Bedke, Sales Mgr
Nevada Distributors
Washoe Metal Fab
905 Bergin Way
Sparks, NV 89431
775-358-6390 Main
775-358-8280 Fax

Sawtooth Snow and Ice
PO Box 61643
Reno NV 89506
775-970-5558 Main
775-970-5559 Fax
Steve Choquette

Cobalt Truck Equipment
Regional Location
1607 Industrial Rd
Las Vegas NV 89102
888-258-9812 Main
702-385-9936 Fax
George Reyes

Canada Distributors

Nor Mar Industries
659 Okanagan Ave E
Penticton BC V2A 3K7
250-492-7866 Main
250-492-0686 Fax
Montana Distributors

Pierce Manufacturing Company
3445 Highway 93 S
Kalispell MT 59901
406-257-5818 Main
406-257-5820 Fax
Chuck Pierce
Colorado Distributors
Layton Truck Equipment
2425 E Platte Pl
Colorado Springs CO 80524
719-597-0400 Main
719-597-2122 Fax

Maxey Truck & Trailer Equipment
2220 E Lincoln Ave
Fort Collins CO 80524
970-493-7510 Main
970-493-0514 Fax
Fred Urben
Utah Distributors
Tesco Williamsen
1925 W Indiana Ave
Salt Lake City UT 84126
801-973-9400 Main
801-973-2838 Fax
Clark Nielsen

Washington Distributors

The Fab Shop
10315 16th St E
Edgewood WA 98372
253-568-9124 Main
253-568-9173 Fax

(Independent Dealer
Accessories Inc)
1213 4th Ave
Kent WA 98032
253-859-5450 Main
253-859-5693 Fax
Steve Archer

Capital Industrial Supply
2649 R W Johnson Blvd
Tumwater WA 98512
360-786-1890 Main
360-786-0399 Fax

Cobalt Truck Equipment
Regional Location
4620 E Trent Ave
Spokane WA 99212
800-572-4369 Main
509-535-4294 Fax
Doug Burpee, Branch Mgr

Mobile Fleet Services
2003 E Viola Ave
Yakima WA 98901
509-575-8888 Main
509-575-8317 Fax

Oregon Distributors
Advanced Truck Bodies
4825 Table Rock Rd
Central Point OR 97502
541-664-2822 Main
541-664-1158 Fax
Gary Worden

Cascade Truck Body
PO Box 2009
29512 Airport Rd
Eugene OR 97402
Ron Pappel

Cobalt Truck Equipment
Regional Location
2033 NE Columbia Blvd
Portland OR 97211
503-283-2967 Main
503-283-2969 Fax
Eric Lundy
Wyoming Distributors

Colman Equipment
901 N Foster Rd
Casper WY 82601
307-235-5723 Fax
Earl Colman
Arizona Distributors
Arizona Aerial Equipment
6970 N W Grand Ave
Glendale AZ 85301
623-915-2222 Main
623-915-3333 Fax
Dale Baro, Op Mgr

Drake Equipment
2235 S 19th Ave
Phoenix AZ 85009
602-278-2552 Main
602-278-0427 Fax

AB Truck Box Co
8112 N 75th Ave
Peoria AZ 85345
623-878-5241 Main
623-878-2507 Fax

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SRW Lo-Pro Workmaster- Retrieve Your Tools and Parts Standing Up and Under Cover

The Harbor Lo-Pro Workmaster on a SRW Cut-Away

The Harbor WorkMaster is a Service Body with a roof and additional useful features. Available in a 10' (10' 4") for the single rear wheel cutaway chassis, perfect plumbers or HVAC truck, and is also useful in any number of different professions such as remodeling, mobile mechanic, locksmith, and other service industry uses to name a few. If you could use a truck that has storage for tools and parts and want a space that you can stand up in and is enclosed to do your work in or keep larger items out of the weather and public view, the WorkMaster is your truck.

Interior Ladder Rack keeps them out of sight. Standard with Rear Grab Handles, Interior Dome Lamp and a Rear Access Panel that is flush with the first shelf to handle occasional longer cargo. The Master Lock System is standard. A Florescent upgrade package is available.

See more beautiful hard working Harbor bodies at our website at http://www.htbi.net or give us a call at 800-433-9452.


EZ Dumper Service Body Insert at 2012 Work Truck Show

Pete goes over the Dump Inserted into a service body from EZ Dumper. See more at http://www.ez-dumper.com.


Service Body Pipe Vise Supports Option

Service Body Vise Bracket and Pipe Supports closeup detail.
Call California Work Trucks for more information 510-477-8425.