Sweet Combo Body Built For Lake Chevrolet

Here's sp,e wonderful shots of a screaming Combo body on a decked out Chevy 4500 Crew Cab that Harbor Truck Bodies built for Lake Chevrolet in Lake Elsinore CA. Compartments are 56" high to store just about anything you might want with lots of shelves, space for drawers. Notice the vertical compartments over the rear wheel rather than horizontal compartment.

The top photo shows the cargo bed enclosure with barn doors. It is rare enough to see a cargo bed enclosure on a Combo body, but it seems to look perfect. Great storage away from prying eyes and certainly excellent access with the 3-piece top opening sliding on Teflon slides.

Then there is the great work area on the back with that 36" platform making this body a 12' unit. This has the fold-down 10" gates to make the work area more useful and not forget the gates at the job site. To round it up, there is the HD Forklift Rack with 3 over body removable supports along with the swing-away rear and headboard support to carry the heavy loads. Expanded metal in the front section of the rack helps protect the cab.

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