Transverse Compartment with Slide Out Drawer Adds Much Value

Here is a shot of a transverse compartment with a slide out drawer. This type of compartment is so useful in many ways for many different businesses.

The shot that isn't here is a photo from the rear looking at the bed area. If it were here, you would see that since the front compartment goes all the way through the body, you lose exactly the width of the compartment in bed area, but that is a very easy trade-off in my thinking. It keeps things from getting too far forward as well so you can reach them. What would also be interesting would be a cargo bed enclosure and then you can hide the things in the back.

This particular transverse compartment goes from one side through the body to the backside of the compartment on the opposite side of the body, so the drawer only slides out one way. This makes for a nice long drawer and you still have the original functional compartment on the other side. It is available all the way through the body and have the drawer go out either side at any time and that would be pretty useful too. In this case, the long drawer comes out on the safer curbside of the truck rather than the streetside. It is probably the best scenario for that reason.

This is an 8' unit on an uplevel GM chassis and also has two different design ladder racks installed. These shots were courtesy of Greg Hoffner of Refrigeration Services Unlimited of Anaheim, CA who does Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning as well as Ice Makers. They are in Southern California and their phone number is 714-281-7359.

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