A Bigger Home = Bigger Closets! = Great Service Body


Small homes have small closets, bigger homes, larger closets. That's a great thing for most humans because we love to collect things and store things and we have to have places to put it. Larger service bodies have more storage and more places and spaces to put things. To many, that is a great thing.

Here is a group of bodies made for Jack Hubbard Sales of Modesto, CA for their customer by Harbor Truck Bodies. You can see the unfinished product at the bottom and the finished product completed by Jack Hubbard Sales prior to delivery.

This is one of the most interesting bodies I have ever seen. Essentially it appears to be an 11' service body with raised front compartments, then a raised horizontal compartment with open top lid and vertical doors instead of horizontal doors. The rear section appears to have approximately 24" and 18" boxes side by side offering a work platform. You might notice the metal tailgate at the end in the rear.

There is the box on the streetside rear that has an electrical outlet and based on the wiring looks like there are others. Notice the Honda generator mounted on the curbside area along with a light duty fold-up crane. I see a cab protector installed, the body has the Master Lock System, a jobber box near the front of the body and another load dividing tailgate drop in. I love the deep drawers on the curbside and look at all the storage on the streetside in the picture with the doors open. I see two different trailer plugs as well. Check out the interesting rack to the front bumper.

Thanks to Kimberly at Harbor and Jack Hubbard Sales for sharing these photos. What a great body. A unique design. You can reach Jack Hubbard Sales at 209-526-5820.

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