It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's A Saw Body!

This is an interesting combination of things that Harbor Truck Bodies calls a Saw Body. Designed for concrete cutters, it looks like a service body on the side, yet this is, as shown in the photos, a flatbed frame with things added to it, such as, tall storage compartments and smaller compartments on the side along with a metal wall frame. Inside this is an optional enclosed section sporting a 3-piece cargo enclosure, shown open and closed, and of course doors on the rear that are lockable. Closing up the entire rear area is an Interlift ILK Compact Cantilever liftgate doing double duty as a liftgate to raise and lower heavy saws while acting as an effective rear door.

How interesting to take a flatbed and create a whole new kind of body. It's a hybrid!

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