Low Pro Dually Service Body Is Useful AND Looks Great!

I ran across this shot and just had to add it to the blog. I think it is a 2000 Ford 56" CA box delete chassis with a Harbor 9' Low Pro Service Body. This unit has a 2-pc cargo bed enclosure, master lock system, tapered material rack (used to be 1"x2" tubing like this, but now most are 2"x2" or 2"x3"), aluminum treadbrite lid covers, stainless steel vise bracket, and more. The chassis is an XLT uplevel trim with nice Alcoa aluminum wheels from the factory.

It is so rare to see low pro service bodies in dealer inventory and especially a dually low pro, but I gotta say that this truck is awesome! I think it works extremely well. It is also very nice to be something other than white. Here's to more low pro bodies!

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