Special Cargo Bed Enclosure and Horizontal Series Service Body

This is a 9' Service Body on an uplevel Ford 56"CA Box Delete Chassis. Looks wonderful. The interesting part to show on this is how nicely this shows off the advantage of the horizontal series, which it a no charge option. This makes the horizontal box over the wheels extend to the end of the body and instead of a vertical compartment in the rear, it has a smaller square box below. This option allows a wide variety of tools, parts and other gear to fit in that long horizontal box. It's a great option.

The other interesting thing is that it has a Raised Cargo Bed Enclosure, but this one has a permanent top instead of the typical roll top or sliding roof. Notice the light on the inside roof and also how closely the rack fits to the top. It also has a conduit box mounted in the center which is more often mounted on one side rather than in the center.

There are some other minor options, like the Stainless Steel Vise Bracket, but all in all, this is one sweet looking truck!

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