New Glass Body/Service Body Combo From Harbor Truck Bodies

Here's a sneak peek at a custom Glass/Service Body that Harbor Truck Bodies recently produced for Henry's Glass & Mirror in Bermuda Dunes, CA.

The body is half service body and half glass body. This particular unit is 8' long and mounts on a standard single rear wheel 3/4 or 1-ton pickup chassis. This gives it a lot of flexibility in the choice of chassis (cab styles, interior trim, 2/4 wheel drive, etc.) as well as maneuverability because of its relatively small size. As you can see, it is no bigger than the pickup parked next to it, albeit, slightly taller.

So, now that we have built this one, Harbor can build more and maybe one for you! Call Harbor Truck Bodies at 1-800-433-9452. If you need some glass work in SoCal, see Henry's Glass website at www.glazcon.com, or call them at 760-360-2800.

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