New Harbor Contractor Body Sold By Harbor Distributor Cascade Truck Body

Cascade Truck Body in Eugene, Oregon is showing off the new Harbor Contractor Body. It is new because Harbor Truck Bodies is now manufacturing their own line of flatbeds which is the base of the Contractor Body. Harbor distribuotor Cascade Truck Body has added their typical high quality, tasty touches to make it their own as well, such as the tasty little gates that look so nice, the mud flap holders that do a wonderful job that many don't think about and many other touches.

What is also interesting is that this Contractor Body is not the typical white. In a sea of white this baby stands apart. A sweet red chassis with black bed and black boxes and black rack. Sweet! I really like Cascade Truck Body and I've never even met them. I've seen their work though, and they do it like pros and everything I've seen exudes quality and attention to detail. What more could you ask for in a body company? Oh, I know. . . timeliness, right? My understanding is they achieve that with style as well.

If you're in the Oregon area--forget that! If you're on the West Coast and you want a quality body, you need to call Cascade Truck Body at 541-342-5317, and please take the time to view their awesome, very well done website at www.cascadetruckbody.com.

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