Interesting Touch To A Combo Body

This is a little twist on a combo body from Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea, CA. Harbor calls this the ComboMaster Body and the twists are these:

This unit has a horizontal series on the curbside and vertical series on the streetside. It is very unusual to see a horizontal series on a combo body--matter of fact, this is the first I have seen in all the years I have been around bodies. Horizontal series means that the horizontal compartment extends beyond the normal place just over the wheel well and usually it extends to the end of the body to the rear and then instead of having a vertical door, there is a small square door and compartment.

In the case of the combo body, there is no rear vertical compartment, so in this case the horizontal compartment is extended through the second vertical compartment to the front and the smaller square compartment below. Very interesting mix on compartments. This style allows for longer tools and other objects to be stored in the much longer horizontal compartment.

The other twist which has become more common as time moves forward is the fold-down gates and then the spray-on liner has become very popular too. This particular body also has the Master Lock System, Stainless Steel Open Top Lids and a Forklift Loadable Rack which is bolted, not welded on and has no posts at the rear allowing full use of the work area which makes the combo such a popular unit.

Check out all the offerings at www.htbi.net or call Harbor at 800-433-9452.

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