False Floor In Service Body Is Most Helpful

Robbins Quality Garage Doors, Inc was doing some work at the dealership we are working with and I just loved the way he has set up his service body. He has a false floor with some dividers to transport special items and keep them out of sight as well. You can't access them unless the door is opened. Notice the two ladders tucked in the larger compartment. Mr. Robbins says "you can never have enough ladders." The cargo area on the service body is lined with treadplate for additional durability.

This Harbor service body is mounted on a diesel HD 3/4-ton extended cab chassis with the LT1 package. That makes a sweet rig to move around in. Notice also the custom stainless steel rack that he's installed. It's designed to be able to carry large items up there like garage doors and have them well supported and an even load. Looks like this does the job.

If you're in Northern California and need some garage or industrial door work, including automatic gate systems, call Robbins' Quality Garage Doors, Inc. at 209-368-1159 in Lodi, CA or 209-744-1159 in Galt, CA.
Courtesy of Commercial Truck Success Blog

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