The Harbor Gooseneck Rancher Body

The Harbor Rancher Body is a steel deck Gooseneck hitch body that is commonly seen on ranches and farms for horse trailers, equipment trailers, etc., etc. It comes with a recessed compartment with a cover and a Gooseneck hitch that is rated at up to 25,000 lbs. and up to 5,000 lb*. tongue weight. It has a 71" minimum trailer neck swing radius, integral trap door and safety chain anchors, tapered bulkhead, reflectorized sealed shock mounted and weather-tight lights.

The Harbor Rancher Body is manufactured by Knapheide Manufacturing and is available in the 99"x94" for 56" CA Dual Rear Chassis, 108"x90" and 108"x94" for 60" CA Dual Rear Chassis, and the 132"x90" and 132"x94" for the 84" CA Dual Rear Chassis. The 60" CA is the most popular which keeps the turning radius shorter.

(*Maximum capacity for the bed; however, the truck it is mounted on may not be rated this high. Consult truck manufacturer specs for maximum weight capacity.)

For more information on this and other great Harbor products, call 800-433-9452 for the sales team at the plant in Brea, CA. Please visit Harbor's website at www.htbi.net.

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