LA County Gets a Red Ram Harbor-Built Fire Truck

Los Angeles County gets a very sharp looking Ram Crew Cab Dually fire truck with a Harbor TradeMaster service body. This unit has a 2 piece cargo bed enclosure to provide an out of sight cargo secure.

Harbor Truck Bodies' standard TradeMaster service/utility body offerings are the 8' and 9' Single Rear Wheel models, along with 8', 9', 11' Dual Rear Wheel models. We also offer a 6.5' for HD short bed trucks and a 13' or 15' for longer wheelbase trucks. Since we manufacture this product, we can build bodies to specific needs, but our standardized models will be the most cost-effective.

Cargo Bed Enclosures are very popular options that help keep cargo in the bed area out of sight and secure. They are sometimes called a rolltop or rolltop enclosure or telescopic sliding roof. They are made in sections where one portion slides under another to open up an area in an otherwise covered bed.

Harbor Truck Bodies Cargo Bed Enclosures are available in 2-piece for 8' and 9' bodies and so it opens up approximately half or 50% of the bed area when the top is pushed all the way rearward and the 3-piece for the 8' and larger bodies that opens up approximately two thirds or 66% of the bed area. 

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