Bright Red Fire Truck for Burbank Fire Department

Burbank, CA Fire Department gets a sharp new Ford Superduty Dually Crew Cab with Harbor Truck Bodies TradeMaster service/utility body, a 3-pc Cargo Bed Enclosure, a Tommy Gate Lift Gate, and Receiver Type trailer hitch.

Harbor Truck Bodies' standard TradeMaster service/utility body offerings are the 8' and 9' Single Rear Wheel models, along with 8', 9', 11' Dual Rear Wheel models. We also offer a 6.5' for HD short bed trucks and a 13' or 15' for longer wheelbase trucks. Since we manufacture this product, we can build bodies to specific needs, but our standardized models will be the most cost-effective.

3-pc Cargo Bed Enclosure

Cargo Bed Enclosures are available in 2-piece for 8' and 9' bodies and so it opens up approximately half or 50% of the bed area when the top is pushed all the way rearward and the 3-piece for the 8' and larger bodies that opens up approximately two thirds or 66% of the bed area.

The 3-piece Cargo Bed Enclosure is available as a Raised Enclosure with barn doors on the rear for the secured transport of taller items. This option is more common all the time because it makes the service body so much more useful and secure. The rear opening can be configured with or without barn style doors.

Tommy Gate Lift Gates:

Capacity 1300 and 1600 lbs.
Tommy Gate's G2 Series is the latest in parallel-arm technology. Dual hydraulic cylinders apply directly to both sides of the platform for increased consistency in motion and stability. With reduced maintenance requirements, wide variety of platform options, and vast hitch compatibility, G2 Series hydraulic lifts are a strong, versatile lift that are convenient, efficient, and make trucks work better.

Liftgate Features
  •     Dual hydraulic cylinders
  •     Maintenance-free components
  •     Recessed control
  •     Larger platforms
  •     Fully-enclosed hydraulic system

The Original Series is a single-cylinder, parallel-arm design based on a cable and pulley system. This classic pickup lift is also a popular choice for service bodies.

Capacity: 1000 lbs.

  • Military aircraft-quality lifting cables.
  • Fully-enclosed hydraulic system
  • Pressure bypass prevents overloading
  • Timed, delay shut-off control

Receiver Type trailer hitch: Class IV Receiver assembly on DRW Service Body - Steps each side

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