Harbor Truck 56" SRW Service Body w/Back-Up Camera

Here's another sweet build from Harbor Truck Bodies in Brea, CA. This is a 9' Service Body with 56" high compartments and closed top lids. This is an excellent choice for a lot of light things or somewhat larger things that wouldn't normally fit in a service body. The shelves are removable, so just imagine the size of things that could fit in there. The horizontal compartment is normally that, but due to the height of this body, the compartment over the wheels is more like one of the vertical compartments.

This body also has a back up camera mounted at the top of the rear license bracket and a monitor in the form of a rear view mirror. That's a sweet setup for bodies where you cannot see rearward except through the rearview mirror. In addition, this body has the Master Lock System installed and has a 3-piece cargo bed enclosure for maximum use of the inside area of the body. Notice the high mounted stop light setup and the way the rear doors can be secured to stay open. Add a bedslide to this and you have an awesome package.

All of this, and it is mounted on an uplevel Ford Super Cab chassis! That will work--and have a very comfortable time doing it. Thanks to Kimberly at Harbor Truck for sending the photos and info. You can reach Kimberly at 800-433-9452 and she can get one built for you. See Harbor's website at www.htbi.net.

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