Harbor Low Profile Service Body with Liftgate For Monte Vista Water District

Here is a few shots of a job that Harbor Truck Bodies just finished for the Monte Vista Water District in Montclair, CA. It is a bit unique in that it is a low profile service body (34") with standard Stainless Steel open top lids and it has a Tommygate liftgate. In addition to this combination, there are a number of additions that are quite useful and effective. There is a light strip at the top of the cab for working in harm's way, a receiver hitch, a non-forklift loadable rack with a strobe light and two outdoor lamps for night work. The rack also has a compartment made of partially expanded metal. Notice also the HD tie downs in the floor of the bed area and unique tie down anchors on the top of the body. All that beauty is mounted on the new Ford Super Cab single rear wheel chassis.

We love this whole combination of features and especially the low profile service body which not only looks nice and clean, but has so much more visibility. Let Kimberly build one for you. Call her at 800-433-9452 and visit Harbor's website at http://www.htbi.net/.

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