Using Preconditioning to Optimize EV Range | Ford Pro™ E-Telematics | Ford Pro™

Prepare your electric fleet for upcoming shifts with Remote Preconditioning. Remote Preconditioning is available with Ford Pro™ E-Telematics, our software designed exclusively for commercial EVs. Schedule departure times for all electric vehicles at once or individualize settings right from your dashboard and watch our Ford Pro products do the rest! To optimize battery range, our smart technology analyzes the weather and determines the optimal preconditioning time for heating or cooling your vehicle battery and cabin, so they are ready to go when the crew arrives. A subscription to Ford Pro E-Telematics and access to the BlueOval™ Charge Network can help your drivers locate more than 70,000 plugs across the country. Ford Pro E-Telematics provides real-time range and plug-in status, charge insights to help measure sustainability impact, and tools to manage driver reimbursement for home charging. #FordPro #ElectricVehicles #RemotePreconditioning SUBSCRIBE: https://ford.to/SubscribeFordPro

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