HTS Systems HTS CC Cone Cradle video demo

The new HTS-CC Cone Cradle is a rugged-compact, all-weather and quick-access traffic safety cone deployment system! 

The new three cone policy, placing a safety cone at the rear creates a safer work cushion when working off the back with ramps or lift-gates; particularly in the dark. 

A second cone, mid-way on the driver-side alerts motorist that a delivery worker may suddenly appear. 

The third front cone prevents trucks from becoming boxed in and reduces loading dock collisions from other rigs backing into warehouses and stores. 

All three fluorescent reflective traffic safety cones create awareness; warn speeding motorists and slow traffic.The three cone safety policy is extremely effective, because it works! Prevent accidents, save lives and money!

The Cone Cradle has been met with an incredible amount of excitement and enthusiasm by fleet professionals, truck body manufactures and route delivery drivers. The HTS-CC is a safer, easier and faster method, requiring less physical effort, zero climbing, reduced liability and reduced bacterial cross-contamination. The key to achieving total driver safety compliance means utilizing a safer, easier and faster ground access system.

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