The link between signage and architectural cladding may seem a distant one to many, but the similarities were clear to Scott Taylor and Steve Baldwin, owners of specialist Adelaide-based cladding business, Trimad.

Scott established the business in 2006 to supply and install architectural signage for retail and trade customers and, after adding Steve as a business partner to the outfit, soon realised that the cladding principals and products used in the signage work could also be applied to more general architectural cladding.

The addition of Steve helped fulfill the company’s vision with the pair now being able to oversee and complete larger and more complex cladding projects.

Today Trimad has evolved to mainly offer cladding services, with some signage and installation also completed. The team consists of seven employees and two Isuzu NPR 200 Tradepacks that are used to travel and carry tools and materials to worksites.

“Our work is made up of approximately 80 per cent cladding and 20 per cent signage, working on both commercial and residential jobs,” Mr Taylor said.

“We are able to work on jobs in the local area as well as travel to jobs further away. We have completed jobs in rural towns and places such as Mount Gambier,” Mr Taylor said.

The two Isuzu NPR 200 Tradepacks have been customised to perfectly suit the business’ needs and according to Mr Taylor, prior to purchasing the Isuzus, Trimad’s fleet consisted of utility vehicles but something larger was required to carry more tools and materials.

“We knew exactly how we wanted the truck set up and that’s why we opted for the Isuzu Tradepack,” he said.

“We purchased our first Tradepack in 2009. We had seen other Tradepacks on the road and they had caught our eye.

“Isuzu’s competitors weren’t offering a good or modern enough product, which is why we went to Isuzu. We liked the wide cab and big mirrors and doors that Isuzu offered, and thought the Tradepack had a great set up. We also liked that the Tradepack came with bars. We use the bars to carry 6.5 metre lengths of material.

”We have a lot of gear to carry in our vehicle and we didn’t want to use a trailer.”

After purchasing the Isuzu NPR 200 Tradepack, Trimad engaged a metal fabricator to build customised boxes to fit underneath the truck to store tools.

“At the end of 2012 we required a second vehicle and decided to get another Tradepack. The two trucks are kitted out identically with the same equipment which makes it easier for us to remember where everything is and ensure that both trucks have the right tools for the job,” Mr Taylor said.

“We use the Tradepacks to carry large signs, scaffold, tools, digging gear, a battery charger, a generator for welding and grinding, and a water tank which can hold up to 100 litres of water. We have also added a storage compartment under the tray.

“The Tradepacks serve a variety of purposes for us and are good workhorses.”

According to Mr Taylor, the Isuzu NPR 200 Tradepacks are comfortable and easy to drive.

“The trucks are roomy. Three people can sit in the cab without a problem. They are comfortable on the long trips too,” he said.

“The Tradepacks are perfect. We use them every day. They can fit into a decent sized car park and have tight turning circles. They offer us plenty of power.

“To make the cabs even more comfortable to cruise around in, we have added some weather shields and window tinting.”

So that the business can stand out from competitors, Trimad ensures it provides a quality service every time and never compromises on quality.

“We would rather do the job right than do it quickly and get it wrong. We have invested in tools, equipment and occupational health and safety. We are based in St. Mary’s, just south of the city, and both trucks are stored in our workshop. A lot of our business comes from recommendations and word of mouth,” Mr Taylor said.

“Our Isuzu trucks also help us to get noticed. We often display our work on the side of the trucks and people often say they have seen our trucks on the road.”

See more about Isuzu Truck Australia at www.isuzu.com.au

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