Ashton Kanak / Ram 4500 Chassis Cab

This truck can get up and go with some weight on it. 

Working for Waterpower, a carwash operator based in Austin, my job is to keep track of nearly 100 carwash locations. I have to make sure each one always has enough soap, wax, degreaser and all of the other many supplies they need to keep their customers' cars shining.

When I'm on the job, I drive a Ram 4500 chassis cab with a custom box upfit. I'm in it everyday, visiting locations and making deliveries. Being out on road, never stuck in one place, is my favorite part of the job.

Why I Chose the Ram 4500 Chassis Cab
  • Cargo Capacity: The box upfit is critical. Every day we've got up to nine 45-gallon barrels of cleaning product in the back—up to 50lbs a piece.
  •  Towing / Hauling: I was really impressed with its pulling power. We were overloading the thing and it was still pulling. I tell you, this truck can get up and go with some weight on it.

From http://www.chryslercommercialvehicles.com/

Waterpower - Austin, TX
part of: Hardworking Stories - Waterpower

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