One Button Locks It Up! The Harbor Masterlock System

One button locks up the doors on each side of your Harbor Service, Combo or Workmaster body, The Harbor Truck Bodies MasterLock System is an internal locking bar for additional security of your valuable cargo. You may have seen an unsightly long bar and a padlock on some bodies. The Harbor MasterLock System achieves the same objective but is hidden on the inside, it does not use a padlock and uses the same key as the service body. You don't have to look around for a different key and you get convenience, great looks and the additional security that gives you peace of mind.

The best feature of the Harbor MasterLock System is the convenience of it. Most people who use a service body, Combo body or WorkMaster are carrying tools and parts and going from one job to the next. Many times you come out to the service body, unlock the compartment and get a tool or two, then lock the compartment, open another compartment and get a part or something and then lock that compartment, go into the job and get to work. Then you come out and do it again and again throughout the day. With the Harbor MasterLock System, you can leave all the side doors unlocked all day and just unlock the MasterLock get what you need and push the button in on the Harbor MasterLock and you're done and your stuff is secure. Isn't that great! No more locking and unlocking all those doors all day long. Then at the end of the day, go ahead and lock all the doors for the added security of being double locked.

The Harbor MasterLock System is one of our most popular options, once you have it, you will never go back to the old way!

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